Inglot Malaysia

Thank goodness for the Internet and Facebook! I recently discovered that Polish makeup brand Inglot cosmetics opened a new shop across the border at City Square Mall in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) – about one hour by bus from my house and as soon as I had a few hours to spare I dashed across. It was a super fun day! I went with one of my beauty friends who has the same days off as me (Monday) and we had an amazing lunch at an organic restaurant before heading back to Singapore.

First though, we stopped by Inglot. My purchases were a black matte gel eyeliner (which I LOVE) for RM 25 ($10 SG dollars), two matte eyeshadows in black #391 and in a nude pink #341 (great for brides, cost 30 RM about $15 SGD) and a blusher in peach-y pinkish shade #29 for RM 38 ($15 something SG). What I liked is that they don’t come in packaging or palettes, but rather in individual packed trays so you can create your own palette. (I am building my own Z Palette‘s, they are awesome).

Decanting and Organizing Your Makeup

This post is an organizational one for your makeup products particularly shadows and blushers. Currently, I own about 60 individual pieces of makeup from various brands/ sizes, as of a few months I no longer buy eyeshadows or blushers unless they come in a palette or individual metal pans. Why do you ask? It is so hard to remember and have everything on hand at once. As a makeup artist on the go, having your kit organized is essential. Also, when traveling powder makeup falls apart sometimes so keeping everything tightly secured is a must, makeup in Singapore costs dearly, I have to import a lot of my stuff. In the summer I will be going overseas again, and before it gets too overwhelming (this means also thinking about the liquids in foundations, OMG OMG OMG), I began the dreaded task of condensing my stuff.

For the basics – in the process of customizing the 28 refills of various brands in one palette, I used a heated hair straightener, rubbing alcohol (in case of spilled powder), stanley knife and a tea spoon. To remove the shadows from the plastic case, use heat at the bottom of the product, once it is hot with the stanley knife start pulling the edges until it peels off completely. The easiest brands to decant are Sephora, MAC, Christian Dior, Chanel, Makeup Forever (prob the easiest and it comes with a magnet, bonus). The most annoying ones were Inuovi and NARS, if you make any mistakes, the spillage of powder with these brands is epic – this is where the rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle became a savior, a few sprays of it will literally put your powder back in one place, using a tea spoon and pressing it. I learned all these wonderful tips on Youtube.

For decanting I chose two UNII palettes and organized them with the color range you will see in the photo (neutrals/ greens). I liked the design, sturdy/ airtight features and the fact that they come with a magnetic base so the pans will definitely stay on. In hindsight, I wish the palettes were bigger and less heavy! For personal use UNII is a good buy if you don’t own lots of makeup, the case comes with a mirror and will fit into a handbag. For my next batch I will get two large Z-Palettes which seem to be the most popular and talked about ones among the makeup pros. Makeup Forever makes empty magneted palettes as well, cost is £11.50 at Guru Makeup Emporium UK.