My Trip To The Chicago Makeup Show

James Vincent at the Beauty Blogger Event on Saturday

For those who follow me on Twitter and Facebook, you know I’d been talking about the Makeup Show Chicago for months in advance. To say I was midly excited and eagerly waiting, an understatement! By the time June rolled on, I had already received an invite to the exclusive Beauty Blogger event on the 16th and was looking forward to meeting up with fellow Latina Lifestyle Blogger, Big Time Beauty aka Ashley Pena, a Chicago native, bridal makeup artist and blogger like me. Thanks to Ashley, I had been in contact with the Makeup Show PR team. Through my social media and Facebook reach I knew the makeup/ vendors that would be attending. I planned ahead and did my homework.

The Beauty Blogger event was held at Venue One on West Randolph St on Saturday afternoon of June 16th. I arrived just as James Vincent was starting to speak, (He is the Director of Artistry for The Makeup Show, The Powder Group and On Makeup Magazine AS WELL as a very accomplished makeup artist and body painter). As I took my chair, a huge canvas bag with goodies was set for me, as well as a very diverse of group of women in the room – good company! James Vincent talked about the products inside our bags as well as the opportunities in our hands not only as industry professionals but as beauty insiders. He was funny, quirky, inspiring, someone I’d definitely bond over many subjects not just makeup. I was struck by how fondly he spoke of his peers as well as his own assistant Bethany Townes, so refreshingly sweet. After the event, Ashley and I went over to have some deep dish pizza and chat. While we were eating, we decided to stop over at Ulta’s Chicago flagship store and walked some miles to work off the lunch. Perfect day.

Makeup Show Day 1 – Had a bit of a late start at noon so I knew I had a lot of catching up to do. When I walked in, I was very overwhelmed. There were A LOT of people at the show. The lines were long, there were booths like Obssessive Compulsive Cosmetics and Makeup Forever which were literally mobbed, impossible to even get a glimpse or swatch product. It took some patience to get through the places I wanted to definitely shop at, a lot of walking and stopping. Before the show I had a very good idea of what I needed and this helped tremendously. In spite of the craziness, people working all booths were super friendly, patient, helpful, this also includes people working as security and the Makeup Show staff themselves. Having attended Beauty Asia before, this was a totally different experience for me. Ashley had already been at the show earlier than me this day and she kindly guided me through the two levels of makeup/ hair heaven. I made some purchases, had a few booths I still needed to see and would sleep on a few other things for the next day.

Makeup Show Day 2 – For my last day at the show, I had a full night to rest and think strategically on what I needed and the workshops I most wanted to attend (airbrush and using cream pigments). My first stop was Obssessive Compulsive Cosmetics. Being the proud owner of a few lip tars, OCC’s iconic product I knew I wanted to try more colors and test out the concealers which James Vincent had talked about at the bloggers event. As soon as I got to the OCC booth, I was able to chat with the creator/ owner David Klasfeld, what a lovely man! David walked me through the ingredients (all cruelty-free and vegan), and I had the opportunity to swatch/ test/ try on myself all the colors and pigments I felt would most benefit my kit. After OCC, I stopped at Alcone, Embryolisse, Graftobian, Crown Brushes, T3 Micro, NARS, Smashbox, AJ Crimson makeup, Stila, Kevyn Aucoin, Temptu, Dante Disposable Products, Makeup Forever, Frends Beauty Supply, The Powder Group, Midway through the show, I had a super nice surprise from the wonderful people at Skindinavia, they contacted me via Twitter and we had a chance to meet face to face! Thank you for the kind gift, things like this mean the world to me. The people at Crown brushes, Embryolisse USA, Smashbox, NARS, Frends Beauty Supply and Nigel’s Beauty Emporium, Makeup Forever were most helpful and extended their pro discount and full of advice.

On the earlier part of the day, I watched the amazing things one can do with a MUFE flash palette as pro-educator Brittany James used only this product to do a full face, the speed and understanding of color was insane. Later, I attended Cory Bishop’s Color Theory workshop to a packed house. He was fabulous and re-affirmed my love for color and beauty, Brittany was also really good during her workshop. After Cory’s talk, I spent quite a bit of time drooling over the Temptu Airbrush machines, [this will be my next big purchase]. I did end up getting a correcting palette from Temptu.

The Makeup Show Chicago was my happiest place on earth. I am eternally grateful to not only the Makeup Show people but the vendors, artists, Ashley Pena and my husband for being so generous and sweet. If you are an artist and beauty professional, the Makeup Show is a must!

My beauty loot

Top Products From The Makeup Show in Chicago

Embryolisse cream – This gorgeous product sinks into your skin beautifully, bringing adequate moisture and makes an excellent pre-foundation product for the dry skin and combination skin types. I also ended up getting an oil-free matte version of it for Singapore clients with oily skin. It is a favorite product amongst the most experienced makeup artists, I had to get it and of course I tried both products on myself, good results.

Temptu Pro Neutralizer Wheel – When I attended Cory Bishop’s Color Theory class, I had an A-HA moment. Instead of just using layers of concealer to address redness/ purple/ darkness under eyes, a product like the Temptu Color Wheel corrector made sense, another must have in my kit.

OCC concealers – I am a HUGE fan of the liptars so when James Vincent suggested all makeup artists should have a try at the new OCC SKIN concealers at the blogger event on Sat, he was right! What an amazing product. Lucky for me I swatched and tried all the shades in the company of David Klasfeld, creator and owner of OCC. Formulated from the finest vegan ingredients available, these concealers also nourish and hydrate the skin with Cocoa Extract, Aloe Leaf Extract and Vitamin E. Of course, I pre-ordered a bunch of these puppies and can’t wait to use them on my clients.

Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Spray – After being a huge fan of their makeup setting sprays formulas for dry and oily skins, I picked up a bottle of this fabulous spray at the Alcone booth and am already a fan! Thank you Skindinavia for this wonderful product (and token of appreciation). Btw, Skindinavia ships worldwide. I use this over my eyeliner for zero smudge effect.

Smashbox Halo Yellow Correction Hydrating Powder – I’d been looking for a brightener/ color corrector/ skin balancer in yellow for a while now and this was a suggestion at the Smashbox pro counter at the show (Smashbox were super nice and extended their pro discount to me on the spot!). This is a product which will get used lots. I wish there was a cream version of it but for now a powder will do, little goes a long way with color correctors!