Recommended Reading: The Cosmetics Cop

Sunday afternoon shopping at Amazon brought me to a very cool spot on the web via the recommended for you button.  This site is run by a lady named Paula Begoun.  She calls herself the cosmetics cop and she is a fountain of info on the subject at large, you can find her on Youtube as well. There is also a couple of books penned by Ms Begoun, her Don’t Go to the Cosmetics Counter Without Me, 8th Ed seems to be quite popular, if you like product reviews this is definitely a good source.

There is a comprehensive list of  facts, research, skin conditions and ingredients discussed on Beautypedia (cool name!).  I love a good skin care tip like no-one’s business.  As a makeup artist learning new things everyday, this subject is very much in synch with what I do.  A well looked after face needs little touching up, concealing and covering up regardless of age.

One of the bits that I liked from all the reading I did was …

Skin needs a balanced mixture of powerful ingredients to improve the appearance of wrinkles. Think about it this way: if you only consumed one food or one vitamin you would soon be unhealthy and malnourished. The same goes for skin! It’s the body’s largest organ and requires a complex range of ingredients to look beautiful and ward off telltale signs of aging.

Another favourite was the brand reviews section, there is a lot of info and if you are ever curious on a particular product, it is worth having a look.  Go Paula! I like your site and the service it provides.