Tsuya New Skincare From Shu Uemura

This month of August has been very busy for me, busier than last year and certainly warmer than I remember now that I am in Singapore officially five years! Between work, a new regime of no fried food, TRX circuit training exercise, very little alcohol AND this new range of skincare from Shu Uemura called TSUYA Skin Youthful Radiance Generator, my skin is looking good. Before I get into the Tsuya review, I want to add that when you put the effort forward with diet, skincare and exercise combined, the results speak for themselves.

When I started the Tsuya skincare challenge I was very impressed with the idea of a serum that promised glow [Plus I love a good serum]. When I apply a little base whether it is foundation or even concealer, Tsuya glides on smoothly and absorbs into the skin fast without much of an oily layer, love that! At night, I have also been putting it on to let it sink into my skin and do its magic.

Some of the benefits of Tsuya include a more supple and glowy skin which are exactly the comments I have been receiving from various peers and friends. WO-HOO! ** What else did I do different? Sleep at least six hours every night. Drink fluids and include 12oz of green tea at least once a day. Less alcohol especially carbonated and cocktail drinks, doing wine very moderately, one serving a week. Sweating it out 3x a week. Taking my usual vitamins and fish oil 1000mg daily. Eating things like steamed fish, seaweed, fresh foods. No soda, sugary drinks, fizzy anything and if I treat myself to a coffee I add agave nectar, a low glycemic natural sweetener.

Before I turn this into a bore, I want my readers to know that as much as I love a proper skincare regime, how your face reacts to a good product like Tsuya is just as much as the food we put in our mouth, habits and general well-being. Give yourself a little love and you’ll see the BIG payoff.


Shu Uemura Product Launch at ION

Last Friday I was invited to attend a Shu Uemura event at ION Mall AND thank God I got the call on Thursday afternoon! Shu Uemura is a Japanese brand I am not too familiar with, the only two items in my makeup bag from it, are the iconic lash curler (two of them, one for me and another for clients) and a brow pencil. Of course, it was a super exciting to learn about their latest foundation, lipsticks and in general what is happening from May forward. For a breakdown of the different foundations, check this page out.

I tested the new Shu Uemura Face Architect Fluid Foundation in 754 (Medium Beige), a creamy liquid foundation with a semi matte finish, if you like dewy not heavily matted finish, this is for you (I liked it lots, I don’t usually do matte). Coverage was good, texture and application of this foundation all can be done with a sponge (I prefer a foundation brush or my hands), color was a close match for my skin tone. The only thing with Shu Uemura is that there isn’t a huge range of shades for darker skin colors, as a makeup artist I always think about my clients and this is an area where there should be more options.

The other item I was able to take home (and try out at the event) is a new range of very creamy lipsticks called Rouge Unlimited in 741, I chose a nude shade for myself as I liked the idea of using it during the day and at night. The color glides on nicely and works wonderfully, not highly pigmented for my liking but nice enough for a touch up on the go. The new rouge unlimited range is available at all Shu Uemura beauty counters island wide from May 2012.

Starting in May in Singapore, Shu Uemura is starting a sampling campaign for its face architect smooth fit fluid foundation at all their counters. Coupled with color consultation from professional beauty stylists, women will be able to experience the foundation at a price of $65. One thing I always advice before buying foundation is to TRY IT OUT on your skin! Make sure you test the shade and sample in your neck area or chin, to ensure you choose the right color.

Thank you for inviting me Shu Uemura, there were lovely sweets, cake to take home and a nail bar all which I enjoyed immensely, hope to be able to attend more fun events in the near future.

Armani, Shu Uemura and Lashem Haul

I’ve been coveting Armani makeup since test driving it at the Citroen and Frederic fashion show.  A bit of an anecdote, a male model from Hong Kong came to my makeup chair armed with his own Luminous Silk Armani foundation and NARS face cream.  Allow me to bust out with a Spanish onomatopoeia, PLOP, surprise, curiosity to see how it photographed.  The results were flawless on his skin!  We chatted about foundations, he commented that in the past, he had breakouts from using other foundations, specifically while working in Thailand. (Not surprised as the amount of counterfeit cosmetics is very high in places like Bangkok).  However, it was clear to me that he was very happy with Armani so I had to find out for myself.

For myself, I was in the market for a matte foundation, something different to try in the Singapore humidity.  *Typically I use a combination of concealer, tinted moisturiser and for night time definitely liquid foundation to even out skin.  At HK Airport Duty Free I went gaga over Face Fabric Number 2 by Armani and Eyes To Kill 5 (Gold blitz) eyeshadows, sadly most of the shades I needed were out of stock.

At the airport, I got a great deal with a friend buying the famous Shu Uemura lash curlers, it was a double pack, we split the cost so each curler came out to $14SGD.  Win-win. These are priced at $32 for ONE at the local Shu Uemura counter.

Lastly, my lashes are a little sad due to some crazy adhesive that stayed on my eyes for weeks (no, it was not individual lash extensions, those don’t make your lashes fall out excessively).  I found Lashem and have been using it since four days ago. The natural ingredients and the fact that it is Paraben-free and hypoallergenic were enough for me to give this product a try.  In a few weeks time, once my lashes grow, I will report on the progress and whether or not, this is the holy grail in lash growth assistance.