New Long Wear Waterproof Lipstick

I can’t yet reveal the brand or the name of the product but still wanted to show you a brand new lipstick which will be launching very soon. This lipstick is so good, it was given exclusively to a music legend to be used for a worldwide tour. Wish I could tell you more but until then, stay PEELED my friends.


It is National Lipstick Day

To celebrate National Lipstick Day, I’d like to share my ultimate lipsticks, Makeup Forever and Obssessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars. If you are ever going to get a lipstick, get yourself either or both! They are worth it. Color will last, trust me on this one. Lipstick can save the day and makes a gorgeous statement all on its own.

Makeup Forever Aqua Water Proof Eyeshadow Pencils

A long overdue post! After attending a fabulous event put on by the Makeup Forever Singapore tribe, I left for my trip home so this is tracking back just slightly but newsworthy nonetheless. AND just as I landed in the US of A, the beauty press was raving about MUFE Aqua Shadows (Allure magazine, NBC, blogs) as well as during the Makeup Show Chicago when James Vincent talked about them at the beauty blogger preview. There was a lot of buzz going around and makeup artists were buying like crazya the show. As with any MUFE product, you are getting a versatile pencil, MUFE Aqua Shadow pencils double up as lip base or eyeliner too. I used them on clients and the results didn’t disappoint!

So, why are these pencils so wonderful?

a) The Aqua Shadow range is waterproof
b) Insane color payoff on its own
c) Colors are easy to blend with other shades [Tried and tested]
d) You can use Aqua Shadows in black as an eyeliner or any of the colors [Use a small tip eyeliner brush, it stays on for days even when I remove my makeup]
e) Two of my brides LOVED them [enough said]
f) The pink and taupe are fabulous base for lipcolor [Tried and tested]

Now to the swatches and pencils!

Left to right 323 (silver), 30E (peach), 24E (pink), 8E (green), 6E (blue), 0E, (black).

There will be a separate post on the lipsticks that were revealed at the event.

New Work For Agency of The Year Awards June 2012 (Marketing Magazine Singapore)

I am super proud of this new editorial work, it is what makeup artists dream of, close-ups of lips, eyes, face, work has to be very precise (PRESSURE IS ON and we love that). When I got the news that this shoot was happening, I was beyond excited, this image was the cover of Agency of the Year Awards in Singapore for Marketing magazine.

Even better, the color of the lips is something I custom created myself using my trusted Makeup Forever Flash palette and on the face all Makeup Forever HD foundation for a clean finish. For this tone, I mixed a few hues and topped up with some gloss, although I’d say it was more a matte finish on the picture itself.

In Singapore you can purchase MUFE palette at the pro-store.

Decanting Lipsticks

While I was away in the UK it became increasingly difficult to keep piling my Zuca makeup case with new purchases (I was travelling with one suitcase). Sometimes I’d get asked “Is that a DJ bag?” (Smiles, but no). “How can you possibly have that much makeup?” (Not a good question to ask me). In an effort to minimize space and be organized, I began my quest to decant as much as possible using Muji pill cases. At £1.50 per box, how couldn’t I? It is a very easy process, basically I used a knife, tissue, some stickers to identify the color/ brand (in case people ask), cut them in two pieces carefully and voila! I find palettes very easy to identify when you’re doing lips for a client without much time to waste. This photo has mostly all of my MAC lipsticks.  BTW even if you’re not a makeup artist, you can also decant your lipsticks and keep track of what you have, the old/ new and more importantly what you tend to use most.