Lash Extensions Aftercare

I am often asked on how to look after your new set of individual semi permanent lash extensions.  Alas, the answer is not a one-size fits everyone.  The best piece of aftercare is to avoid getting your eyes wet for at least 24 hours to allow the adhesive/ sealant to properly set.

Do you put on a lot eye makeup and use a water based makeup remover?
[If you do, avoid rubbing or using lash curlers excessively].  Do you frequent sauna/ steam room or take hot showers?  Heat loosens the bond in the extensions.

One piece of advise I give all my clients is, do not use oil-based makeup removers or waterproof mascara or any mascara unless it is water-based, this will breakdown your eyelash extensions adhesive. (The main ingredients in all mascaras is pigment, oil and wax).  For an extra pizzaz, I always do a coat of lash tint, this will add fullness and drama – you won’t need any mascara unless you want to look like Kim Kardashian.  **She uses cluster lashes, false lashes and at least 2 coats of mascara.

Lastly, everything will depend on your natural eyelash lifecycle, some grow faster than others but typically a retouch is needed by at least every 4-weeks.  There is no damage to your natural lashes at all and if you’ve had this in the past, chances are you have had an allergic reaction to the adhesive used.  The eyes have it: Bold, beautiful lashes are the latest trend and individual extensions will make your eyes pop without makeup or much daily upkeep needed!

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