Life On Set

Just spent my first week working with a corporate client on a print campaign which will be featured internally and also on a giant billboard in Toa Payoh area in Singapore. This job was a referral from Audrey and Mok, a husband and wife photographer team and thanks to them, here I am. It was during the new year that negotations started, can’t beging to express how amazing it feels to kick off 2012 on such a high note.

One of the beauties of this job aside from the team, is the opportunity to work with all types of faces, skin tones, age groups. There is a combination of male and female who come every morning and afternoon to get either made up or touched up lightly to go in front of the camera for a series of shots. Some of them were not fussed at all while others were beyond excited and very chatty. On set, I made good use of a lot of skincare largely from Avene Anti Redness, MAC Fix +, Illamasqua Satin Primer and Eucerin Dermopurifyer Hydrating care.

The common denominator all across the board was dry and blemished skin so a lot of skincare was mandatory in order for the talents to look good in front of the camera, before makeup was applied. Some had very good skin and skincare habits and needed very little. Again, this was a huge experience for me, handling a large group who all had to look their best in their uniforms.

As for the makeup, the look is minimal, what I’d call barely there makeup, bright skin and blushed cheeks for the ladies and matte skin tone for the gentlemen. Some of the products I used the most were Illamasqua Hollow, MAC blushers, Illamasqua face powder and Skin Base foundation and lots of concealer from Dermablend and Yaby. Last but not least, there was a lot of eyebrow trimming done, tweezing and using scissors as well as lip balm on demand.

Image via Tumblr