New Long Wear Waterproof Lipstick

I can’t yet reveal the brand or the name of the product but still wanted to show you a brand new lipstick which will be launching very soon. This lipstick is so good, it was given exclusively to a music legend to be used for a worldwide tour. Wish I could tell you more but until then, stay PEELED my friends.


Skinfactory Eye Dream Honey Patches Review

A while back I received this eye mask inside my Bella Box, liked it so much, I ended up getting more. What’s wonderful about Korean brand Skinfactory Eye Dream Patch is the after effect around the eyes which include major hydration, smooth skin and less puffiness. I tend to favor these types of masks as they can be kept in the fridge quite easily and along with the cooling effect, you will notice a big difference if you leave them on for at least twenty minutes. Honey is a known natural humectant which means it has an ability to attract moisture and hold on to it. Big plus.

Also, especially for my readers across the pond or not familiar with Asian skincare, Korea’s skincare is renowned for its anti-aging and brightening products (think supple and glowy), after all BB Cream was created in Korea. **BB stands for balm and blemish, a sort of tinted moisturizer for problem skin with spf. It is no surprise that several articles in American and British glossies have been written solely focusing on Korean brands, check out Marie Claire USA here.

So, get on the case and trust Skinfactory’s Eye Dream Honey Patch, makeup artist and consumer approved! PS. All my brides always get the “use a Korean mask, if you can’t get to a facial” speech from me for obvious reasons.

In Singapore, Skinfactory is available online at Beauty Finest as well as SASA stores island-wide.

It is National Lipstick Day

To celebrate National Lipstick Day, I’d like to share my ultimate lipsticks, Makeup Forever and Obssessive Compulsive Cosmetics lip tars. If you are ever going to get a lipstick, get yourself either or both! They are worth it. Color will last, trust me on this one. Lipstick can save the day and makes a gorgeous statement all on its own.

Behind the Scenes Work

I’ve been busy again with some very fun and HOT HOT HOT days here in Singapore. This collage was taken on set during a video commercial promo for a very fancy French winery using my I-phone and Instagram (If you are in Instagram, I am Norahlovesmakeup_mua). We were in Duxton Hill and the feel was a Parisian cafe. It was like 33 degrees outside and as humid as it gets, I spent a lot of time blotting the talents and making sure the shine was at bay. I was also covered with SPF 50 head to toe.

Another Week Another Lovely Face

For this makeup, I used a variety of products. First of all, I prepped the skin with Vichy Normaderm toner, followed by Avene Diroséal Anti-Redness Skincare Lotion, Embryolisse moisturizer and Makeup Forever Al Mat primer in the T-zone. I have to tell you, French skincare is my most trusted weapon for problem skin [this includes my own]. You wouldn’t be able to tell from the unretouched I-phone photo but the model had a reaction to the heat and came to set visibly red and with dry/ oily areas all over her face. Trust in skincare and some makeup to take care of problems!

I used Graftobian HD foundation and Makeup Forever HD blush, MUFE Flash palette and MUFE Aqua pencils to smudge the eyes and eyeliner. The eyebrows were filled in with Illamasqua eyeliner and on the lips I used my OCC liptar mixed with MUFE Flash palette.

My Facial Experience At AsterSpring Centres Singapore

The entrance of AsterSprings and the lovely staff

Having just travelled by air for more than 18 hours can cause havoc on the skin. Think the recycled air, lack of sleep, change of time zones and dehydration and being sat in middle seats most of the journey, less the ability to move and drink fluids, this was my case. It was time to sort my skin out after trying to recover from a bad case of jetlag and some unwanted hormonal breakouts. So I booked myself at AsterSpring Clementi for some much needed revamp. Before the facial, I filled out a rather extensive questionnaire plus I had my face analysed throughly. Some of the questions were as specific to my eating habits in regards to caffeine and alcohol. As I am familiar with the effects of certain foods and drinks on the skin when people come in for makeup, I was aware and understood the reasoning behind the questions. The therapist was trying to offer me the best suited facial for the needs of my skin as we talked about my answers. So, what were my needs and concerns? It is no suprise, I was dehydrated, have minor pigmentation and at the time had quite a bit of breakouts in the lower chin and around my mouth. Another super interesting fact was the spot positions, better explained to me in the Traditional Chinese Medicine method. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) the spots on your face do not pop up randomly. The positioning of breakouts in the face is meaningful because in TCM different areas of the face relate to certain organs. The face is like a mirror of the body and mind (much like in Reflexology). My areas of TCM correlation are all in the lower intestine, colon and kidneys. I was in fact showing signs of dry skin and in need of a face detox, which is also how I felt on the inside. What I had done is called Face Mapping a procedure which divides the face into fourteen distinct zones and provides an objective view of the skin’s condition.

My therapist recommended I had an Intense Dermal Clear Facial a treatment that lasts about 80 minutes. For this treatment, a medical-grade facial machine is used (without any down time) and it involves ultrasound waves and high-impulse modes, combined with oxygen serum to stimulate skin cells. The Intense Dermal Clear Facial helps brighten the complexion and improve skin texture for glowing results. We started with deep cleansing followed by a lot of steam. I was also made aware that major extractions were necessary to clear all my blemishes out. At the end of the treatment I was given a double cooling multivitamin masque and an oxygen serum to further nourish my face after the extractions. I also had a lovely post pressure point head/ shoulder massage. During the session, I dozed off nicely and had a super relaxing time. My face for the next few days was a bit beaten, and I knew this was the course. A week later I was clear and glowing, as you will see through my before and after pictures. All the products used were Dermalogica and as I am a faithful follower of this fabulous skincare brand, I know it is good. Astersprings Centres are located islandwide in Singapore and this makeup pro highly endorses their service and facility!

(Left) before the facial, blemishes around the chin area, SO relaxed after the facial photo in the upper corner and lower corner photo is a week later, with makeup on and a super clear complexion. None of these photos are retouched!

Makeup Forever Aqua Water Proof Eyeshadow Pencils

A long overdue post! After attending a fabulous event put on by the Makeup Forever Singapore tribe, I left for my trip home so this is tracking back just slightly but newsworthy nonetheless. AND just as I landed in the US of A, the beauty press was raving about MUFE Aqua Shadows (Allure magazine, NBC, blogs) as well as during the Makeup Show Chicago when James Vincent talked about them at the beauty blogger preview. There was a lot of buzz going around and makeup artists were buying like crazya the show. As with any MUFE product, you are getting a versatile pencil, MUFE Aqua Shadow pencils double up as lip base or eyeliner too. I used them on clients and the results didn’t disappoint!

So, why are these pencils so wonderful?

a) The Aqua Shadow range is waterproof
b) Insane color payoff on its own
c) Colors are easy to blend with other shades [Tried and tested]
d) You can use Aqua Shadows in black as an eyeliner or any of the colors [Use a small tip eyeliner brush, it stays on for days even when I remove my makeup]
e) Two of my brides LOVED them [enough said]
f) The pink and taupe are fabulous base for lipcolor [Tried and tested]

Now to the swatches and pencils!

Left to right 323 (silver), 30E (peach), 24E (pink), 8E (green), 6E (blue), 0E, (black).

There will be a separate post on the lipsticks that were revealed at the event.

Ageless Beauty

I wanted to share some images from Illamasqua and their upcoming AW12 collection – Generation Q. The notion that makeup (and beauty) has an age limit is definitely something I do not relate to and a message I feel British brand Illamasqua delivers beautifully. Age does not define who we are on the inside or the outside. Age is not a number.

(The magic that is makeup artist Alex Box on the right – she is one of my many inspirations)

In typical Illamasqua style, they have created a message that no other brand has done. The new Generation Q campaign will go against the industry’s unspoken and despicable taboo, by featuring older models as well as young. Brilliant! More brands neeed to embrace this idea. And to take it a step further, the campaign features real women, not your typical agency models.

New Favorite Gel Liner

Currently living for my new Tarte emphasEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner & brush, it glides on beautifully and is waterproof. It is a cruelty free formula – not tested on animals. It comes with a double ended brush for smudging and lining, it takes practice but it definitely works very well. My advice is to take your time with it, line gently and build your wing using tape around the end of your eyes. See this very helpful Pinterest tip here and here also.

PS. I bought mine at Sephora in the USA, not sure if it is available in Singapore (check Sephora outlets).

Makeup Artistry The Career

Over the last years, I’ve been honing my skills in makeup, learning about brands, trying/ testing consumer and professional products, practicing every chance I get and watching You Tube videos, there is a lot of information out there to learn basics. If you are a good observer, advanced skills are at the disposal of us, via tutorial videos from people like Pixiwoo, Lisa Eldridge, Michelle Phan, EnKore, etc. A lot of makeup artists do not go to school, they are artists in other mediums, some have no schooling at all, they are born with this beautiful gift and learn on their own.

There is also something I wanted to discuss with my readers – art school, graphic design, painting and photography. In today’s competitive world of makeup artistry there are a lot of professionals like myself who come with a background of arts; whether it is university, continuing education, high school or even short courses, every bit helps. In university, I took A LOT of art electives because initially my major was going to be graphic design (I ended up having a change of heart but in reality I continued studying “art” in the form of appreciation and two years of studies in Spain and Germany plus the photography courses and oil painting, I never stopped. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to learn makeup, if you have the inclination it comes organically. In my case, some may say I bloomed late and that is OK too.

Here is something I noticed after going through the haute couture shows, Peter Philips creative director/ makeup artist at Chanel is a trained graphic designer. Dany Sanz creator of Makeup Forever was a sculptor/ painter and then became a makeup artist. Scott Barnes (the man who created the J.Lo signature makeup look), studied Fine Arts/ Painting at Parsons School. There is a long list of professionals who first started with an art medium and then went on to makeup [I include myself in this bracket]. And then there is artists like Pat Mcgrath, Kevyn Aucoin, and Charlotte Tilbury. What do they have in common? No formal training as such, they learned by practicing and assisting like one does when you first start in this business.

Keep learning. The last two months especially, I was constantly inspired by every stop I had across the USA, last year I had a similar experience in London UK. If there are any buddying makeup artists out there reading this, I hope you this blurb motivates you to learn and persevere.

Photo source CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE Fall 2012, Vogue FR