All About Laser Facials Part I

As part of a monthly series, I’ve entered in the foray of laser facials using my own skin as the guinea pig to let you know how it works, results, everything. The good people of PPP a medical laser clinic in Singapore contacted me about getting a treatment to learn more and show my readers what it can do for your skin. Also there will be a free treatment giveaway involved, so stay tuned, comment, like/ dislike, ask. I had lots of questions before I went in to get this done and here is my story:

Being in the makeup industry and over 35 I was a good candidate for trying this out. I showed up to the appointment at Liang Court and was promptly taken inside to get started after a thorough question/ answer period. The Dermatologist explained what it’d feel like, a light tingling sensation, and how the facial benefits everyone if you do it regularly (once a month at least, I was told). After my face was cleaned up, a thick layer of gel was applied all over, I was given a pair of goggles to protect my eyes. As the Dr went over my facial, he noted some dullness, a few blackheads and said to me that although I had great texture, it could improve massively by working from beneath the surface of the skin layer. This procedure works from inside out, tightening, deep cleansing and working on moderate scarring, hyperpigmentation, pimples, etc.

After about 5 minutes, I was done. The fastest facial ever. One of the virtues of this procedure is that unlike extraction non-medical facials which sometimes can be long and painful, the laser is least invasive, it feels like a very light tingle. The Dr walks you through the surface of your face, pointing out the areas that may need a bit more intensity. There was one area around my mouth which had quite a bit of blackheads (I hadn’t had a facial in about a month and a half). After we were finished, the gel was removed/ cleaned and moisturizer with sunblock was applied to my face. FYI -protecting your skin is still required and not to be forgotten no matter what.

How does it feel the next day? My face feels smooth, the texture is nicer, much more rosy than I expected. But don’t think this is a one-time overnight success, in a few months I will continue with this journey and do some photo evidence for you readers. AND, don’t forget what we see in photos today is the poor man’s plastic surgery, the magic of makeup, skincare AND Photoshop skills 🙂

*photo courtesy of Pinterest Faux Perfection, using this image because as you can see Penelope Cruz looks fab for her age even without the retouching.