Palette of the Moment :: Make Up Forever Smoky Palette

I am a fan of  the Make Up Forever brand because from personal experience I know that their quality of pigment is top of the line and worth the price. When there was news about a smoky eye palette being released, I was ecstatic and asked my sister if it was already being sold in the USA. Turns out, it wasn’t so I waited patiently for the Singapore pro-store to stock it.

The MUFE smoky comes in 8 colours, very much following a fall theme (browns, green, navy blue, metallic copper, yellow beige, white, deep plum, and black).  The set also comes with two small brushes, wide enough to help in blending out colours (although I still prefer using a wider bristle brush to create the smoky eye effect).  I’ve also been using the black to fill in my brows for a more dramatic look or as eyeliner even.  If you use a setting spray like Skindinavia Finishing spray or Make Up Forever Mist and Fix with a tiny amount on a q-tip/ cotton bud over your lines, there will be little smudging. Trust me.

Even if you are not a professional, I still think this is a good purchase because it has enough range of colors for the average makeup consumer.  It is just as good as the Urban Decay Naked Palette, if not better because unlike the Naked palette, MUFE’s offers matte colors which work fantastically for daytime and mature skin types.


Magic Dermacolor Mini Palette

This is a line of concealers developed by a German company Kryolan and it is industrial strength concealing.  While doing a course at MUSE, I was advised to get one while in the UK.  The Dermacolor palette comes in 16-18 shades and I ended up buying the biggest and most broad one I could find.  And I have to say, on my occasions Dermacolor worked some magic with clients needing to appear flawless particularly on HD video. What was wonderful as well, is the professional discount at Screenface Covent Garden and the sales guy who had a field day with me whilst I was going insane with all the makeup they had there.

The concealers are a solid paste so it is best to mix it in a clean surface using a concealer brush, letting it warm to the skin and stipling where you need it to cover preferrably with a sponge.  I learned this technique thanks to the 1-1 tutoring with Nicci Jackson, and what a result. Recently on set, I had lots of a-ha moments where I wish I could tell her telepathically, YOU WERE RIGHT ON THE MONEY! So Nicci if you are reading this, thank you!

Male Grooming

Camille by norah24

In the last year or so, I have been very lucky to have done grooming for different  shoots, a G2000 F11 showcase and even a fashion show for Citroen Je T’aime. Male grooming is supremely important in my book, it doesnt matter whether you are straight or not, poor skincare habits, bad hair and silly appearance can make you or break you. Male fashion has come such a long way, look at the Mad Men phenomenon (now a campaign for Banana Republic), all the male skincare available at beauty counters and the trends from the high street (H&M, Topshop, Zara, etc).

My husband is no exception! He is good about his skincare – I am his groomer, personal shopper and stylist – lucky for him and even luckier for me, he obliges most of the time and gets it 🙂

Photo credits Emiliano (UK) and Brandon Chang (Singapore)

Beauty and Colour

Georgia beauty test by norah24
Georgia beauty test, a photo by norah24 on Flickr.

This gorgeous photo is from a beauty test I shot with my friend and photographer Jay Nodalo. Initially I had all these looks prepared for Georgia our model that evening. However, time was not in our favour so the plan had to be modified swiftly and I had about 20 minutes for hair and makeup as the studio time had to be cut short. This image was the result, not bad – right?  On Georgia I used a combination of MUFE Flash palette/ Sleek Makeup for the eyes and MUFE HD foundation.

Nail Art in Kia Car Ad

This is the most creative thing ever.  Kia came up with the world’s first nailart stop-motion animation film, how cool is that? It took twenty five days, nine hundred nails, 2-hours drawing each nail and a whooping 1,200 bottles of nail polish to make this fabulous short.  I am not a manicurist myself but to me nails are a work of art and those who spend hours making fabulous creations are painters.  To see the video go here.

Armani, Shu Uemura and Lashem Haul

I’ve been coveting Armani makeup since test driving it at the Citroen and Frederic fashion show.  A bit of an anecdote, a male model from Hong Kong came to my makeup chair armed with his own Luminous Silk Armani foundation and NARS face cream.  Allow me to bust out with a Spanish onomatopoeia, PLOP, surprise, curiosity to see how it photographed.  The results were flawless on his skin!  We chatted about foundations, he commented that in the past, he had breakouts from using other foundations, specifically while working in Thailand. (Not surprised as the amount of counterfeit cosmetics is very high in places like Bangkok).  However, it was clear to me that he was very happy with Armani so I had to find out for myself.

For myself, I was in the market for a matte foundation, something different to try in the Singapore humidity.  *Typically I use a combination of concealer, tinted moisturiser and for night time definitely liquid foundation to even out skin.  At HK Airport Duty Free I went gaga over Face Fabric Number 2 by Armani and Eyes To Kill 5 (Gold blitz) eyeshadows, sadly most of the shades I needed were out of stock.

At the airport, I got a great deal with a friend buying the famous Shu Uemura lash curlers, it was a double pack, we split the cost so each curler came out to $14SGD.  Win-win. These are priced at $32 for ONE at the local Shu Uemura counter.

Lastly, my lashes are a little sad due to some crazy adhesive that stayed on my eyes for weeks (no, it was not individual lash extensions, those don’t make your lashes fall out excessively).  I found Lashem and have been using it since four days ago. The natural ingredients and the fact that it is Paraben-free and hypoallergenic were enough for me to give this product a try.  In a few weeks time, once my lashes grow, I will report on the progress and whether or not, this is the holy grail in lash growth assistance.