Le Pétronille Skincare Challenge

Week Four of my Petronille Challenge – A mix of dry summer, winds and late spring are in full bloom here in the San Francisco Bay Area and my skin is feeling the change. Since a week ago, I am using DOUBLE the amount of the day and night creams with the elixirs to help. Last week I had to pack on some makeup for a family event and the daycream worked very well under my foundation and did not cake up at all. One thing about my skin type, I am not prone to sensitivity unless in extreme sweat outdoors or humidity in which case I break out, itch and oil up as most people do in Singapore. The upside of this dry weather is less blemishes, in fact ZERO and being able to use more skincare to nourish my skin and makeup staying on longer under my Petronille products.
PS. Next week, I am in Miami Florida, where I will be re-visiting some old patterns of humidity, we shall see what happens then.

Le Pétronille Skincare Challenge

Week Three of my Petronille Challenge – This week is a new setting! On Monday, I travelled to San Francisco, California (USA) and the weather conditions are much different than Singapore, it is dry heat this time of the year, think Mediterranean-like temperatures. After a gruelling seventeen hour flight, I’ve been catching up on my time zone (16hrs total to be exact), sleep and keeping hydrated as much as possible. Combination skin like mine loves dry weather, I get less oily in the daytime but definitely more dry especially at night. The first two days were rough, as I was super tired and this showed in my eye area.

At any rate, I’ve been applying more of the day and night cream to compensate with the dry air, protect skin against the sun and to continue to nourish my skin while I adjust. The Elixir Anti-Age serum works exceptionally well in the daytime too!

Le Pétronille Skincare Challenge

I’ve started trying a new range of skincare developed and manufactured in Singapore by Pétronille Houdart. Luxola Singapore the online beauty purveyor of fabulous brands and amazing cosmetics will be carrying Pétronille Cosmetics and I couldn’t be more thrilled! My approach to beauty is consistent, I tend to stick to staples (night cream, serum and an SPF brightening moisturizer) and am always willing to try new things and share new finds. People often compliment my skin, of course it is major flattering to hear that though I must tell you, I take care of it religiously since years ago and especially since I became a mother.

Last week, I began using the day and night creams topped up with an anti-aging elixir and a brightening booster (also known as whitening). So far, so good. My skin absorbs the night time cream particularly well! I have combination skin, this is a challenge when I sleep, even without the air conditioning my skin dries up in some areas even in the humid weather conditions of Singapore. The Pétronille Regenerative night cream has worked beautifully, I wake up hydrated which is fantastic. I am still testing out the daytime cream, more on this later.

[As part of my trial I received all the Pétronille skincare products for free and will be discussing them every week on my Twitter feed and on Instagram at norahlovesmakeup]

My Singapore IT things to do

I wanted to share my top must do’s if you’re Singapore and want to try something fun, relaxing, and beauty-inspired. When you feel good inside, you ooze confidence and look your best.

A massage at Qi Mantra – I tried an invigorating Star Blast one-hour massage. Described as a deep intensive acupressure treatment, this massage was heaven sent. My therapist asked me the problem areas and had the best hands ever along with a wonderful approach – this wasn’t an ordinary Asian massage. As a bonus I had a Qi Stimulating ointment shot plus a blast of heat in my shoulders and lower back. I loved the bedside manners, soft towels and general personalized treatment. We have a winner!

A collagen facial at Secrets de Beauty – This is an anti-aging treatment for the face and neck using a Guinot Liftosome serum for one hour! First you’ll get a deep cleanse followed by steaming and clearing out any blackheads/ break outs. What makes this facial so amazing is the hour-long mask combined with a relaxing shoulder and upper back massage, it is a heaven send. Chris Chee is my trusted therapist for a few years now.

Reflexology – Chinese Reflexology involves applying firm pressure in sweeping movements on the various pressure points of the feet with Nivea cream. Before the massage, you soak your tootsies for about ten minutes in a warm footbath so you are nice and clean. This is a very unique experience, your feet will feel soft and silky afterwards, I usually do 30min sessions, cost is about $30. Some of my favorite reflexology haunts are in Lucky Plaza and Holland Village.