Favorite Everyday Products

Here is a breakdown of my favorite every day products, the kind you can’t live without (mascara and tinted moisturizer) plus eye makeup remover when I get home.

1) Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 (Sand) – a lightweight, reasonable coverage tinted moisturizer. This is an all day product which for the most part DOES NOT oil up or get creased. I love its texture, this blends smoothly into skin and evens out quite nicely. Perfect for Singapore weather (also great in humid and dry weather).

2) Lancome Hypnose Mascara (Black) – this was a tip from a wonderful client a few weeks back. I was at a job and this super nice client pulls Hypnose out of her makeup bag and tells me to see her lashes after three coats. SOLD. The results were lush, full bodied lashes, after a bit of brushing out excess I so impressed with the length effect, I placed my order the same evening.

Later on when it is time to remove mascara or waterproof eye products …

3) Makeup Forever Sens’Eyes (Waterproof eye makeup remover) – the best makeup remover for sensitive eyes and waterproof anything (mascara, eyeshadow, eyeliner, gel liner). This formula will clear those pesky makeup traces and won’t leave you racoon-eyed the next morning. And it comes in a handy small bottle which travels well I might add.

Back From Krabi / Some Fab Products Used

Krabi, Thailand. It is a slice of heaven, relaxation, lovely waters and sun. A good friend of mine from London and I spent five glorious days in this small beach called Railay. The sun was intense and though as per usual I spent a good portion under an umbrella/ hat, there were days when the waters and sand lured me in. It was so hard to resist! Being in a remote location is wonderful, I’ve been lucky this is my 2nd holiday since the year began. (Please see my smile on the left and all the people on our boat – life was grand!).

While on this trip, I tried out a couple of new products from Palmer’s and Organix (Ps. I am a regular Palmer’s body cream user, I love cocoa butter). First was Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Body Wash, as most days I spent it outdoors and trying to shield from sunburn, this body wash seemed like the perfect solution, it is gentle as a daily shower cream, leaves my skin soft and contains no sulfates, success! Cocoa butter is the perfect ingredient for dry/ sensitive skin and sun exposure.

As for my hair, it was very tough keeping it from frizzing so on the days that I managed to get it blow dried straight/ neat for the evening (I had it up in a bun most of the day), Organix Cherry Blossom Ginseng spray is what I used. Salt water and chlorine do lots of damage to hair. Most days, I found myself spraying generously. The results were fantastic, shine and very manageable hair. Organix Cherry Blossom is a sulfate free spray. Basically sulfates dry and damage hair shaft so it is best to avoid them if you want to keep your tresses healthy.

Palmer’s and Organix are available in Singapore at most pharmacies island-wide (Guardian, Watsons, Robinsons, John Little).

New Favourite Lip Balm Alert

My monthly Bella Box is always full of good products. For January I received the following BB cream from Dr Jart, a Lemon Towelette from Herban Essentials, Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel anti-aging treatments (whose brand and skincare Tweets I follow!), Belif Hydra Sebum Control Essence and MY NEW favourite lip balm by Pangea Organics in Italian Mandarin With Rose.

How do I love thee? First of all, the scent is mandarin flavored so immediately I was drawn to the citrus not the mention the soothing effect. Having just returned from a holiday in the sun, my lips were on the dry side, as soon as I started using this lip balm, I noticed a huge improvement. (Must be that super-restorative Tamanu Oil). Thank you Bella Box, like the OCC Lip Tars, I will be getting me some more Pangea Organics lip balm.

My Christmas Beauty Wish-List

This year there are a couple of items I really want (again), the first is a body scrub called Warming Eucalyptus & Ginger by British brand Molton Brown. Pure heaven in a jar, it is fresh, will help with circulation and the smell -ahhh. My other wish is Jo Malone Dry Oil in Basil and Lime. Sadly after Body Shop discontinued their Olive Dry Oil, I didn’t find a suitable replacement. Being a huge fan of dry oils, I feel they nourish while leaving a smooth, non-greasy feel on the skin, just lush.

The marriage of herbal with citrus is so wonderful, you ought to try it at a retail counter!

Terry Eclat De Rose Sheer Tinted Moisturizer

I have a confession to make, this was an impulse buy. However, unlike other purchases that sit in my cabinet untouched, this tinted moisturizer gets used lots! At first glance, I was drawn to the lightness, ingredients and heavenly scent of musk rose. It is tough to find tinted moisturizers that don’t make my face feel oily in the humidity of Singapore, let me tell you, Terry’s Eclat De Rose Sheer Tinted Moisturizer #1 Light is a winner. My only gripe is the fact that there no SPF factor but if you use a concealer or foundation with SPF on top, you’re in business. I tend to use this as soon as I get up applying it mostly under my eyes and face, instantly feeling brightened and hydrated. Next I’d use concealer and a bit of blush and am good to go! You can buy it online exclusively at Luxola.

Tried and Tested/ Dermalogica Clean Start Brighten Up spf 15

Not a fan of foundation first thing in the morning, need moisture, sun protection and love a natural way to even out your skin?  Then Dermalogica Clean Start Brighten Up spf 15 is for you!  I’ve just started using it and love it!  As soon as I get out of bed in the morning I apply it (after cleansing/ toning) especially aroud my eyes where I have some dark circles, works amazingly.  This sheer light moisturizer has the ideal combination of coverage and moisture.  It is a multi-tasking lotion with no artificial fragrance or mineral oils, excellent for those with sensitive skin.

*This is not a sponsored review.

When Products You Love Are Discontinued

There is nothing more *heartbreaking* than a favorite product disappearing off the shelves for good. This week I had the [agony] of my favorite dry oil from the Body Shop hitting that status. I even went through the trouble of calling Body Shop’s local press office. (Sad face).  The Body Shop Olive Dry Oil Mist had the perfect balance of moisture, a hint of scent and a general gentle effect on my skin which suffers from eczema since a few months ago.  This amazing oil literally glided on like butter after a shower without leaving me sticky or oily.

For now I am consoling myself with Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse d’Or.  If you like shimmer, moisture and a fabulous smell, this is for you.  It is not a cheap product but it definitely delivers a nice dry oil meets moisturizer sensation.  Sold in Sephora Singapore (and worldwide).


My BB Cream Pick

A few weeks ago, I posted about BB creams, what they do and how popular they are here in Asia.  In an effort to discover what’s out there, I went to a few places and tried various brands.  Ideally, I was looking for something that didn’t whiten or had a heavy consistency, and essentially this is the sort of texture I found in most BB creams [a grey-ish thick component which definitely altered my skin tone].   I tried Maybelline, Skin79, and a slew of other Asian brands AND most of them had a whitening paste-like  finish, not good for me.

After all the ‘dislikes’ I spotted a new Garnier product BB Eye Roll On, coming in two shades Light and Natural sold at Watsons for $22.90.  I tested both and purchased the Natural shade.  What I liked about this BB cream is a) the ingredients [one of them being caffeine – a sure anti-puffiness agent]  and b) a roll-on ball tube, perfect for massaging my morning puffy eyes.  The results are positive; I didn’t feel a drastic change in my skin colour, it was more moisturizing eye cream.   More importantly, it was light, rolled smoothly and worked well with concealer undereye application.

I came across a few articles claiming that BB creams will be the it thing soon – one even from my alma mater the London School of Beauty and Makeup.  The one thought I had was, in order for this to succeed the BB formulation will have to be very different to cater for Western skin needs.

A night out and the aftermath

Late nights and drinking cause skin havoc.  How we face the aftermath is key! I try to drink at least a glass of water for every couple of alcoholic drinks, staying away from dark liquour and sticking to less fruity drinks (less sugar, hello). Alcohol dehydrates because it is a diuretic and causes our face/body to look and feel tired. Washing your makeup off and moisturizing, is a requirement no matter what. Before bed I wash my face with a gentle soap free cleanser, use makeup remover for the eyes. When I get up, I apply Dermalogica Age Smart Antioxidant Hydramist all over. This helps perking up and giving your face some much needed anti-oxidants.

Luckily living in Singapore there is fresh coconut water all over the place so the morning after I guzzle as much as I can handle. Coconut water works quite nicely with hangovers, it has no artificial additives and contains significant amounts of electrolytes. Avoid greasy food and most of all, give your body a good flushing, a steam or sauna session clears out toxins. And of course, I go outside makeup free, SPF 30+ on and wearing some large eyeglasses.