The Bliss Of Pilates Reformer

We are a makeup blog but sometimes there will be musings on things like yoga/ pilates, food, books, film, music – activities I happen to love just as well. I recently hit a breakthrough during a Pilates reformer class, advanced to Level 2 (woo), after my 10th lesson that is! For someone who is not very athletic, this is a big deal. After class, I entered a state of bliss that can only come from experiencing the union of my breath and core muscles which is what happens during a Pilates session. Luckily I am learning Pilates Reformer in good company, thanks to Angela and Jade at Absolute Pilates Tanglin.

Simply Her Fashion Feature Nov 2011

Makeup and hair by Norah using Illamasqua Skin Base and Hollow cream pigment and lots of Tresemme UK magical mattefying pumping powder on the hair.

And btw I live for snakeskin/ python, always have.  Last month, I went into Quintessential at Scotts Plaza, of course loved everything inside the shop and treated myself to a gorgeous python bag which I am currently featuring as my everyday bag.  When I was living in Manhattan, I found an insane pair of python cowboy style boots in caramel colour, could not resist them – obviously they became an investment piece which I still have and look after in my closet.