Vanity Trove May Surprise

When I received my most recent box of beauty goodies, I was expecting the usual range of samples. Hello, I was in for a surprise, a really lovely one, indeed. The May edition of the Vanity Trove came with a nice selection of products, vouchers, the loveliest packaging ever AND two special gems I can’t wait to tell you about.

First a 100 ml bottle of Style Aromatherapy Moroccan Argan Hair Moisturizer – a leave-in product that can be used when you blow dry, use a curler or a straightening iron or on its own after a shampoo. Why Argan oil? This powerful ingredient has been used for centuries to strengthen and care for hair, skin and nails, it is rich in lineolic acid (Omega 6) , Omega 9, Vitamin E and Squalene. I used a tiny bit in my hand and applied it all over the ends as I blow-dried my hair, and the result was silky, beautiful styled locks with a heavenly scent to boot.

And for the most unique product ever, the Braphy lip gloss and plumper – comes with a LED light and side mirror. This lip gloss was shade #2, a pink extra shimmery shade, perfect for a night out in the town. When I was out on Sat night, everyone kept asking me where I got this super cool gloss. It is small enough to fit in a tiny purse and carry around with you.

And btw during the month of May for SGD $35, you can order your Mom a Spring Special Trove as a Mother’s Day gift!!! The Spring’s Special contains luxe limited edition trove with the finest beauty brands from France, and twice the value of the cost. This is an excellent and lovely present. For more info, go to Vanity Trove.

My Instagram Photos of the Weekend

This I-phone application is so cool (#Instragram), in a flash you can edit your I-phone images, upload them and show lovely colors with super elegant filters. Sounds crazy, I only just got an I-phone. **On Instagram find me as @norahlovesmakeup **

My Instagram snaps are from a test shoot with Ferdy Juf, a fantastic photographer from Indonesia. I also collaborated with an amazingly talented hairstylist/ MUA from Vietnam Nguyen Bui Kistler. The models are Elena and Natalia from Looque.

(Forever) Live And Die ::OMD

If you watched any John Hughes films and were a teen in the 1980s-1990’s, then you probably remember this band called OMD (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark), they are brilliant!! Music has totally evolved, I get that but there are no sounds or lyrics that quite compare to this today, Forever Live and Die.

Love their haircuts and the bon vivant air about them. Just so you get the idea, my prom song in 1991 was Forever Young by Alphaville, a major tune that in later years was brought back by Jay-Z.

And Speaking of Hair …

There has been lots written recently on the use of salt-free and sulfate-free shampoo.  If you know my story, I do color, straightening (Brazilian Keratin), and live in a super humid country called Singapore.  Needless to say, lots of frizz going around and blow outs don’t last very long around these shores, it is the pits.  In order to keep a healthy routine, I’ve been washing my hair less, using more dry shampoo/ baking soda in between and switched over to a color-friendly sulfate-free shampoo by L’Oreal Ever Pure Moisture Shampoo For Color Treated Hair.  (There was a fabulous Watsons SG offer on L’Oreal products so I stocked up).  In April while in London town, I had this fabulous Brazilian hairstylist take care of my waves, at the time she also suggested to get a salt-free shampoo to prolong my Brazilian Keratin treatment.  She was right.

The results in switching shampoos have been good so far.  Did you know that common sulfates found in shampoos that include sodium lauryl sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate cause more frizz and will further damage chemically treated hair?  I didn’t.  Using cold water to rinse, silicone-free conditioner and air drying as much as possible are all tips to ensure healthy tresses year-round.   I found a great website for a list of silicone-free shampoos and conditioners.  **Please note: this is geared for people with wavy/ curly hair, if your hair is fine, straight or of a different texture, ask a professional if silicone-free is ok for you.  I am just giving this as a reference and based on the results I’ve had so far.

Good Hair Tip

I love me some Joey Maalouf!  He is the resident gay husband, makeup artist, hair guy and budding stylist of Rachel Zoe.  On a recent interview with Glamour online, he was asked for one hair tip which I would like to share with you.

How do you get your hair to look so fabulous?!
I shampoo and condition every other day with Volume by Fekkai. I then apply a dime size of magic move with a drop of Rodin hair oil and let air dry.

Don’t wash your hair everyday!  Shampoo strips your hair of natural oils. There are weeks where I try to go the distance, three days or four without shampoo, you can get creative, use headbands, braids or simply let it be.  If you have smelly, greasy hair, sprinkle some baking soda on your scalp, it will dry it out.  Or if you are after the real deal, get some dry shampoo.  I use Klorane, it is a fantastic product.

PS. Cover of Latina Magazine with Salma Hayek, known for her sexy hair.

For The Love of Hair

Filed under the bizarre and definitely expensive, this is a wedding gown that cost a whooping  £50,000 and it is made completely out of hair.  This creation was done by Thelma Madine for Bold Street hair salon Voodou in Liverpool UK.  If you are a fan of British TV, you may remember the show My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding on Channel 4 where Thelma was the bridal gown designer of choice by most travelling gypsies in Britain.

The gown itself was the brainchild of stylist Ryan Edwards and took 300 hours to make plus eight people involved in the process.  The dress contains 250 metres of human hair, plus tens of thousands of individual wefts and hair pieces as well as 1500 crystals and 12 underskirts.  The dress weighed approximately 15 stone (95kg!!) and is a size 6.

Simply Her Fashion Feature Nov 2011

Makeup and hair by Norah using Illamasqua Skin Base and Hollow cream pigment and lots of Tresemme UK magical mattefying pumping powder on the hair.

And btw I live for snakeskin/ python, always have.  Last month, I went into Quintessential at Scotts Plaza, of course loved everything inside the shop and treated myself to a gorgeous python bag which I am currently featuring as my everyday bag.  When I was living in Manhattan, I found an insane pair of python cowboy style boots in caramel colour, could not resist them – obviously they became an investment piece which I still have and look after in my closet.

Les Affaires Stages Flash Mob

A few months ago, I shot a campaign for up-and-coming sleepwear brand Les Affaires.  The day of the shoot could not have been more perfect, it was bright and we had sunshine up til nearly six in the evening, there were many changes of hair and a few touch ups. The team and setting were phenomenal!  This brochure is now available at Les Affaires Wisma Atria shop in Singapore. Photos by Clifford Loh.

BTW Les Affaires is doing a sleeping flash mob this November, if you want to be a part of it and get some free vochers/ gifts, go here.