New Work!

This lovely photo is a collaboration with Polished Presence styling, Jay Nodalo behind the lens, and yours truly on hair and makeup.  I must say the styling job Anna did was impeccable and am so thrilled we were able to work together, I highly recommend her if you are in Singapore! And of course, you know I am going to give a shot out to Jay because he is fun to work with, we share a similar aesthetic in beauty shoots and most of all, he lets me run with the makeup/ hair creative part which is a dream come true for a makeup artist.

On Rhianna our model, I test drove Graftobian HD foundation [love it], her complexion had a pink undertone and the foundation worked quite well under the lights, NARS blush was used on her cheeks. Because Rhianna has divine red hair, I decided to use a subtle cool tone on her eyes. The headpiece and outfit were so awesome, the makeup just worked with the elements.

Inspiration From Gloria Vanderbilt

It’s been a while since I haven’t done one of these. Inspiration is everything to me.

A few months ago, I picked up a copy of The World of Gloria Vanderbilt, a book about this American lady, her paintings and life story which I highly recommend checking out. Being a huge Anderson Cooper fan is how I came to Gloria Vanderbilt, his beloved and inspirational mother. What hasn’t she achieved in life? She is an artist, perfumista, jean designer, mother, model for Harpers Bazaar and most of all a woman who has reinvented herself over and over (something I relate to very much). This dame also lived such tragedy and deep sorrows in her life from a young age, it is so refreshing to see a person be so full of zest at 88 years old. I urge you to watch her being interviewed by Anderson Cooper or read her book.

Because we are a beauty blog, I also want to bring attention to Ms Vanderbilt’s unique sense of style and her art. Photo credit Gloria Vanderbilt by Richard Avedon for Harper’s Bazaar, 1960’s via

Want To Learn From The Pros? (Makeup and Styling)

Want to personally learn from the makeup pro? If you are in Singapore, join me and Carla K stylist on August 30th, 2012 from 6-10pm for a very unique workshop on learning how to dress according to your body type, shape, skin colour AND incorporate your makeup look. You get to work with a stylist and a professional makeup artist for the evening! Do you want to learn how to shop for your body shape, colour tones and personality? Get all the latest trends and how to wear/ mix them? This is your chance.

To get your advanced ticket, go to this link, book your space. This will sell out!

If you have always wanted to book a stylist/ makeup artist, our event is an informative and fun way to experience being styled while learning what suits you best from a fashion and makeup perspective. All important aspects of personal style will be addressed in one evening of fun, friends and good wine. Attendees will receive insider tips on the best online and retail stores in Singapore. There will be door prizes too! Don’t miss out.

Cannot wait to meet everyone!

New Work

April has been wonderful! So much work, tests, mentoring Junior college students, brides and mother of the brides/ groom, events, I even got in front of the camera for a fashion feature in Simply Her. On top of all this buzz, I am preparing myself for a major trip to the USA, to both see my family and WORK. There is a makeup show in Chicago I will be attending with wings on as well as shoots planned in my (2nd) home Miami! My first stop will be in California to see my sister and beloved family, I’ll be tweeting and Instagram-ing. Without further do, here is a photo from a shoot with Clarence Tan and Mariah from Diva models. What a stunning setting, it was like being in the wild, there were monkeys and gorgeous sunshine. Mariah had very little foundation just blusher, her skin was pretty lovely on its own, I focused mostly on the eyes which had a nice mixture of Yaby and MAC products.

Fun With Sugarpill Cosmetics

Long ago, I’d been wanting to use the splash of color that is Sugarpill cosmetics in Dollipop matte pink.  The time finally came when I had the opportunity to do a creative test with Milan del Rosario aka House of Style studios.

We had the lovely Vitaliya as our model and created lovely fashion-inspired portraits.  I used mostly Sugarpill cosmetics eyeshadows and gel liner by MAC. Below is a close up:

More New Work

Whenever I am free and there is time, I test. For those of you who don’t know what a test is, basically a test is when a photographer, makeup artist, stylist and a model come up with a theme/ idea and shoot a series of photos. This is the part where I hone skills, try different products, looks, and let the creativity flow. I am at the point where I have a few photographers I collaborate with – and luckily they let me do my thing with the makeup part. Creatively I couldn’t ask for better. If I could I’d do it everyday! In this picture the beauty that is the OCC lip tars comes alive. Loving the color quality of them.

In the words of Yisell, a New York based makeup artist whose work I love/ admire, “Practice, practice… practice on everyone! This will not happen over night so patience is key. It takes YEARS to start getting constant work (took me 7 yrs). The jobs you want WILL come, I promise you. Just test anytime you can test, assist anytime you can and never give up. Even when it seems like its impossible, never give up.”

Photo/ styling is by Clarence Tan, model is Svletana from Carrie Models in Singapore, makeup and hair by Norah.

New Work

Here is something a little different, I always wanted to do a casual Muslim-inspired fashion theme. It is classy, super elegant and modest all at once. Makeup by yours truly (Norah), styled beautifully by Nur Hanis, Valentina is modelling Meem Clothings and the image was captured by the talented Lin Safini. We travelled to a far and not very well-known location in Singapore, definitely worth the distance.

Loving this deep burgundy lips, inspired by the recent Gucci Milan Fashion Week look.

Anna dello Russo Wisdom

“Invent your job. Anything can be [possible] now.”

I just read a fabulous interview with Anna dello Russo in IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers). It was a hugely inspirational read. Anna Dello Russo is currently the Editor At Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan.
She is quirky and unique which is why I love her. Another thing I really enjoy is her rules/ quotes section on her website, they are so good and definitely full of sound advice.

Quote in bold was taken from IFB.