Skinfactory Eye Dream Honey Patches Review

A while back I received this eye mask inside my Bella Box, liked it so much, I ended up getting more. What’s wonderful about Korean brand Skinfactory Eye Dream Patch is the after effect around the eyes which include major hydration, smooth skin and less puffiness. I tend to favor these types of masks as they can be kept in the fridge quite easily and along with the cooling effect, you will notice a big difference if you leave them on for at least twenty minutes. Honey is a known natural humectant which means it has an ability to attract moisture and hold on to it. Big plus.

Also, especially for my readers across the pond or not familiar with Asian skincare, Korea’s skincare is renowned for its anti-aging and brightening products (think supple and glowy), after all BB Cream was created in Korea. **BB stands for balm and blemish, a sort of tinted moisturizer for problem skin with spf. It is no surprise that several articles in American and British glossies have been written solely focusing on Korean brands, check out Marie Claire USA here.

So, get on the case and trust Skinfactory’s Eye Dream Honey Patch, makeup artist and consumer approved! PS. All my brides always get the “use a Korean mask, if you can’t get to a facial” speech from me for obvious reasons.

In Singapore, Skinfactory is available online at Beauty Finest as well as SASA stores island-wide.

Makeup Forever Aqua Water Proof Eyeshadow Pencils

A long overdue post! After attending a fabulous event put on by the Makeup Forever Singapore tribe, I left for my trip home so this is tracking back just slightly but newsworthy nonetheless. AND just as I landed in the US of A, the beauty press was raving about MUFE Aqua Shadows (Allure magazine, NBC, blogs) as well as during the Makeup Show Chicago when James Vincent talked about them at the beauty blogger preview. There was a lot of buzz going around and makeup artists were buying like crazya the show. As with any MUFE product, you are getting a versatile pencil, MUFE Aqua Shadow pencils double up as lip base or eyeliner too. I used them on clients and the results didn’t disappoint!

So, why are these pencils so wonderful?

a) The Aqua Shadow range is waterproof
b) Insane color payoff on its own
c) Colors are easy to blend with other shades [Tried and tested]
d) You can use Aqua Shadows in black as an eyeliner or any of the colors [Use a small tip eyeliner brush, it stays on for days even when I remove my makeup]
e) Two of my brides LOVED them [enough said]
f) The pink and taupe are fabulous base for lipcolor [Tried and tested]

Now to the swatches and pencils!

Left to right 323 (silver), 30E (peach), 24E (pink), 8E (green), 6E (blue), 0E, (black).

There will be a separate post on the lipsticks that were revealed at the event.

New Favorite Gel Liner

Currently living for my new Tarte emphasEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner & brush, it glides on beautifully and is waterproof. It is a cruelty free formula – not tested on animals. It comes with a double ended brush for smudging and lining, it takes practice but it definitely works very well. My advice is to take your time with it, line gently and build your wing using tape around the end of your eyes. See this very helpful Pinterest tip here and here also.

PS. I bought mine at Sephora in the USA, not sure if it is available in Singapore (check Sephora outlets).

Loving These Products

Makeup Forever All Mat Primer – What a lovely item to have for both a consumer and a pro artist. I recently got my hands on it at the MUFE Singapore Pro Store. Living in humid conditions and working with bridal clients, MUFE (short for Makeup Forever) All Mat Primer is a formula that absorbs oil and like the name says, helps the skin stay matte after foundation and blusher. The mat primer can be used on the T-zone (Forehead and nose) and if you have very oily skin. Of course, all really depends on the specific needs (redness, flaky, acne-prone are separate conditions that don’t necessarily happen at once and may not need just a primer). Highly recommend this for your makeup bag.

Maybelline Volum’ Express Magnum Ultra Comb mascara – I blogged about this new product a few weeks ago, it’s fantastic and fuss free I’ve been using it daily since it was given to me. The comb applicator glides on without the usual clump, two coats after a good lash curl, and your lashes look defined and thicker. Truth is I’ve always been a firm believer that mascara doesn’t need to cost tons to be good and Maybelline never disappoints with their mascaras. *This was a gift at the Maybelline event.

– I didn’t intend to buy a blusher, honestly. In saying that, when I tried this paste-like formula on myself I was awed by the application and pigment, and of course I ended up buying one to change up the bronzer. Ever since cream blushes hit the market, I’ve been really into them. This particular MUFE HD blusher is matte (horray, means it has a good chance of staying on for a while and will still look good on camera). To apply it you can use a foundation brush or a stipling brush, put a tiny bit in your hand and work fast.

Easy Peasy Smokey Eye Technique Using Illamasqua Pencil

This fantastic video was forwarded to me by the great people at Illamasqua London. It is one of the most simple smokey eye techniques I’ve seen thus far, simply using a Sophie Kohl pencil in black, couple of brushes and powdered eyeshadows.

Key makeup artist Charlotte Savoury explains a step by step way to create a deep black and charcoal coloured smokey eye. Since it’s been uploaded, there has been over 4,900 views. And there is a great cause with every purchase of the Sophie-I pencil, a £3 donation is made to the Sophie Lancaster foundation, to find out more click here. Share with friends, it is a fantastic video!

Foods Good For Our Skin

Saw this on my Twitter feed and thought I’d share a few of the names of foods that are good for our skin (and some can also be applied as masks). If they are good enough to be eaten they can also be applied to our face and hair, I have done the pure avocado hair mask, yes you are reading this correctly! Avocado is a great natural conditioner. Green tea bags can be used as a cold compress for swollen eyes and even a sunburn, the colder the better, you can prepare them wrapped in a muslin cloth to avoid getting it into your eyes. As for berries, you can use them as a face mask mashed up with a little bit of natural yoghurt.

1. Avocado

The avocado is known for its numerous properties that benefit the skin. It contains many healthy fats that plump up the skin and smooth away the dryness. Avocados have the highest content of vitamin E when compared with other fruits, which is a powerful antioxidant that helps strengthen the white blood cells.

2. Green Tea

The health properties of green tea are vast. The list of skin benefits that green tea provides goes on and on. Green tea, whether consumed as a drink or applied to the skin, can decrease risk of damage from the sun and thus lessen the risk of skin cancer.

3. Berries

Strawberries, blackberries and blueberries are all good for the skin because of their high antioxidant content. These 3 berries have been found to have the highest antioxidant capacity of any foods. They produce collagen which keeps the skin smooth and plump.

Eye Makeup For NYE

I found this image and instantly thought, NYE makeup! It is also very much inspired by the latest Chanel runway look.

For this kind of eyes, you need a good base either a cream eyeshadow like Illamasqua Hollow or MUFE Aqua Cream in Taupe – both these colours will easily blend with a powder eyeshadow in a darker tone of your choice (black, dark metallic gray, dark brown for example).

To set your base, apply all over the eyelid and about halfway into your crease, making sure you get the inner corner of the eyes. Get close to the mirror and always try using good lighting, if possible. As a reference, use the photo provided to get an idea, always helps!

Apply your darker colour over your base preferrably with a brush or dabbing it gently with a makeup sponge if you don’t have a brush. Start blending paying attention to the outer corners, you can also use your fingers and brush to achieve a smudged look. Next, using the tip of a makeup sponge just used trace your bottom lash line, trying to go for a smudged Kohl-pencil finish. Once you are done, it is time to clean up with a cotton bud and a pinch of concealer, go over any fall out around the eyes. Alternatively, the DuWop Reverse eyeliner will help you prevent any creasing later in the evening.

**DuWop Reverse eyeliner is sold at Luxola in Singapore!

Party Looks For NYE

Leading up to the new year, I am going to be featuring some party looks using my editorial tearsheets from December and January issues of Simply Her magazine in Singapore.

The look above is a smokey reddish brown using a solid base of MAC Paint Pot in Groundwork (cream eyeshadow) all over the lid. Paint Pots dry fast so you have to work fast using your fingers or a sponge. Next step, use a shimmer/ metallic color like a reddish or dark orange working in the shape of a half moon across the crease (Halfway into your lids) and all the way into the tear duct. Note – use a blending brush like this one by MAC (or any other brand just note the fan shape of the brush), and blend the colors in a circular motion so they mash together nicely). Makeup technique takes time and practice so don’t get frustrated – watch how the pros do it! I really like Pixiwoos tutorials.

I should add the brows were filled in using a Kohl eyeliner pencil. If you want eyes to go the distance, dab a little bit of Makeup Setting Spray over the eyelids and eyebrows (see my post here about this topic).

Lastly, the lips were done using a lipstain base – you can use Revlon Bitten or Cover Girl Outlast, cheap and very good for long lasting strong colored lips. Over this, you can apply a matte lipstick of your choice (MAC or OCC liptars are the best).

Portrait Makeup That Adds Pizzaz

Just wanted to share a gorgeous series I recently did hair and makeup for. My client’s name is Sian and she hails from South Africa. Photos were shot by super talented photographer Jasmine Vincent. This series is meant to be a gift for Sian’s parents, how cool is that? A portrait shoot is a memory that lasts forever. I loved every second of it, used some of my Armani and MUFE pigments and a lots of highlighting around the upper cheekbones.

Palette of the Moment :: Make Up Forever Smoky Palette

I am a fan of  the Make Up Forever brand because from personal experience I know that their quality of pigment is top of the line and worth the price. When there was news about a smoky eye palette being released, I was ecstatic and asked my sister if it was already being sold in the USA. Turns out, it wasn’t so I waited patiently for the Singapore pro-store to stock it.

The MUFE smoky comes in 8 colours, very much following a fall theme (browns, green, navy blue, metallic copper, yellow beige, white, deep plum, and black).  The set also comes with two small brushes, wide enough to help in blending out colours (although I still prefer using a wider bristle brush to create the smoky eye effect).  I’ve also been using the black to fill in my brows for a more dramatic look or as eyeliner even.  If you use a setting spray like Skindinavia Finishing spray or Make Up Forever Mist and Fix with a tiny amount on a q-tip/ cotton bud over your lines, there will be little smudging. Trust me.

Even if you are not a professional, I still think this is a good purchase because it has enough range of colors for the average makeup consumer.  It is just as good as the Urban Decay Naked Palette, if not better because unlike the Naked palette, MUFE’s offers matte colors which work fantastically for daytime and mature skin types.