New Favorite Gel Liner

Currently living for my new Tarte emphasEYES™ Amazonian clay waterproof liner & brush, it glides on beautifully and is waterproof. It is a cruelty free formula – not tested on animals. It comes with a double ended brush for smudging and lining, it takes practice but it definitely works very well. My advice is to take your time with it, line gently and build your wing using tape around the end of your eyes. See this very helpful Pinterest tip here and here also.

PS. I bought mine at Sephora in the USA, not sure if it is available in Singapore (check Sephora outlets).

Inglot Malaysia

Thank goodness for the Internet and Facebook! I recently discovered that Polish makeup brand Inglot cosmetics opened a new shop across the border at City Square Mall in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) – about one hour by bus from my house and as soon as I had a few hours to spare I dashed across. It was a super fun day! I went with one of my beauty friends who has the same days off as me (Monday) and we had an amazing lunch at an organic restaurant before heading back to Singapore.

First though, we stopped by Inglot. My purchases were a black matte gel eyeliner (which I LOVE) for RM 25 ($10 SG dollars), two matte eyeshadows in black #391 and in a nude pink #341 (great for brides, cost 30 RM about $15 SGD) and a blusher in peach-y pinkish shade #29 for RM 38 ($15 something SG). What I liked is that they don’t come in packaging or palettes, but rather in individual packed trays so you can create your own palette. (I am building my own Z Palette‘s, they are awesome).

Eye Makeup For NYE

I found this image and instantly thought, NYE makeup! It is also very much inspired by the latest Chanel runway look.

For this kind of eyes, you need a good base either a cream eyeshadow like Illamasqua Hollow or MUFE Aqua Cream in Taupe – both these colours will easily blend with a powder eyeshadow in a darker tone of your choice (black, dark metallic gray, dark brown for example).

To set your base, apply all over the eyelid and about halfway into your crease, making sure you get the inner corner of the eyes. Get close to the mirror and always try using good lighting, if possible. As a reference, use the photo provided to get an idea, always helps!

Apply your darker colour over your base preferrably with a brush or dabbing it gently with a makeup sponge if you don’t have a brush. Start blending paying attention to the outer corners, you can also use your fingers and brush to achieve a smudged look. Next, using the tip of a makeup sponge just used trace your bottom lash line, trying to go for a smudged Kohl-pencil finish. Once you are done, it is time to clean up with a cotton bud and a pinch of concealer, go over any fall out around the eyes. Alternatively, the DuWop Reverse eyeliner will help you prevent any creasing later in the evening.

**DuWop Reverse eyeliner is sold at Luxola in Singapore!

How To Make Your Makeup Last !!!

Ever wonder how performers and celebrities who go on red carpets beat the sweat, oil and strong camera lights? They all use a magic thing called makeup setting spray! Think of hairspray for the face, an agent that prolongs the finished product. What I usually do is once I am done with foundation, powder and eyeshadow is to spray it at least a couple of times. If you have a special occasion like a wedding, ball, a night out in town with some dancing, makeup setting spray will act as a barrier against oil and sweat. If you feel like using glitter over your eyes, makeup setting spray also works wonderfully! Another step I add is using a q-tip/ cotton bud, I’ll spray once and gently dab it along the eyeliner line under the eyes/ eyelid, this will keep it nice. **Make sure you wash your face with a good cleanser or makeup remover wipes.

A few of my favorites are Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray, Makeup Forever Mist and Fix and Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray.

Winged Eyeliner

Found this cool image on Tumblr, if you are feeling this look I definitely recommend having three items in your arsenal. Most important is a mirror preferribly an oval double-sided mirror like this one.

Next is using a gel liner and/ or a liquid liner like MAC Fluidline or Maybelline Eyestudio and for liquid I like Eyeko or Maybelline. Using gentle strokes AND a pointed brush (MAC, Sigma and ELF make good ones), start in the middle of the eyelid, closest to the lash line. Have some q-tips/ cotton buds on hand and a bit of foundation or concealer to correct mistakes. I usually leave the eyeliner last, meaning I’d have applied my eyeshadow or eye primer beforehand. Last but not least, use surgical tape on your eyes, angle it from the corner of your nose to corner of the eye. Watch this great video by Aussie makeup artist Rae Morris, she explains brilliantly here.

Another item which I happen to love is the DuWop reverse eyeliner pen. Once you are done lining and after letting the product dry on your eyes, gently trace the lines you’ve just done making sure you don’t touch the liner and with your hands, blend it together for a flawless, smudge-proof finish.

Eyeko Eye Makeup

Flipping through the pages of one of my favourite British magazines called LOOK, I saw a review for up and coming brand Eyeko.  I also happened to notice their Twitter account so I dropped them a message.  A few weeks later, a sweet surprise!  I get a parcel with products to try!  So kind of them.

Eyeko Line and Shine in Teal and Electric blue – two shades in one pencil, serves as an eyeliner and blends nicely with eyeshadow or just on its own!

And my favourite Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen, dries super fast, has zero drip factor/ smudge and can go as thick or thin as you wish it to be.  It is very long lasting considering the humidity levels of Singapore (tried and tested on myself using a good layer).  I own quite a few liquid eyeliner brands and have to say, this product is top quality.

Eyeko seems to be developing new items, can’t wait to try the new mascara range which offering different wands and the Fat Eye Stick in deepest black colour.  Eyeko is available at Harvey Nichols (a major retailer in the UK) and Fenwick on Bond Street London.

Searching for the perfect – Liquid Eyeliner or gel?

Finding the right liquid eyeliner is no easy task! I’ve been experimenting with different brands, pens, brushes, gel, fine tip pencils. Eyeliner is fundamental, kind of like eyebrows (wink, wink). This week, I took a chance on a Japanese brand called Sana (pic above) and a gel liner by a US brand Cailyn. The Cailyn gel liner comes with a built-in brush, very cool!

The Sana liner was quite neat and applied beautifully on a creative test I shot this week. As for the Cailyn liner, used on myself one whole day without retouching, very good too, slightly different effect!  I do love my Makeup Forever Aqua pencils but for very fine eyeliner application, a liquid liner is pretty much a must.