Emma Watson for US Vogue

A dramatic look in both makeup and photography shot by the genius of Mario Testino for the upcoming fall issue of US Vogue.  I can see the Urban Decay Naked Palette creating this defined smokey eye look, in a few layers of colours and using a good base for the eyelid (A primer or a good cream pigment like Illamasqua’s Hollow would help).  Next is a kohl pencil eyeliner like Rimmel or NYX to smudge under the eyes plus a good coat of L’Oreal mascara in black.  Last but not least, this look is all about a defined eyebrow, try an angled brush like MAC 208 using your own kohl pencil over the brush, gently filing in your brows.  Defined brows frame your face beautifully!

I love that Emma’s English rose skin is in full display without orange or bronzer – she doesn’t need it.  This photo is all about the face.

Natural Beauty

This is Shelby’s compcard via Zurina’s blog, she models for One Model Management in Singapore. I created Shelby’s natural look using very minimal MUFE HD foundation, prepped skin with moisturizer by Molton Brown, there is a touch of blusher by MUFE to brighten her cheekbones and lastly, pure yellow eyeshadow by Yaby. Of course, I curled her lashes using Shu Uemura and filled in the eyebrows just a tiny bit using a MAC angled brush plus some NYX eye pencil.

Thread me beautiful

Eyebrows frame our faces and we need to give them some love.  When I was in primary school in Peru, the psycho Franciscan nuns used to tell my mother to stop sending me to school with eye makeup (rolls eyes).  My mother never did such a thing, in fact it was the shape of my mother’s eyes and my father’s thick eyebrows I inherited so pronounced,  it got me noticed by none other than the head master Mother Paula.  Looking back I think the nuns just had had eyebrow envy.

Here is a brow treatment I highly recommend, threading. Usually I get mine done every three weeks and maintain/ shape in between with tweezers. For definition I use an angled brow brush and slightly fill them in if Iwant to change it up.  Here in Singapore, I have a few spots I like in Little India and lately, Browhaus.

How does it work? Eyebrow threading is a depilation technique which originated in India, although it is also widely practiced in the Middle East.  The treatment involves twisting a piece of thread, usually cotton, into a double strand. This double stranded thread is used to pick up a line of hair and then remove it, creating a very clean, precise hairline. Eyebrow threading is very popular with Indian and arabic movie stars, who are often distinguished by their crisp brow lines.

Threading is not painful. I used to do waxing and this often left me with a blemish or two the day after not to mention major redness, didn’t matter if it was a high end salon or not. I feel threading leaves a clean and very defined brow, think Bollywood fierceness.