Skinfactory Eye Dream Honey Patches Review

A while back I received this eye mask inside my Bella Box, liked it so much, I ended up getting more. What’s wonderful about Korean brand Skinfactory Eye Dream Patch is the after effect around the eyes which include major hydration, smooth skin and less puffiness. I tend to favor these types of masks as they can be kept in the fridge quite easily and along with the cooling effect, you will notice a big difference if you leave them on for at least twenty minutes. Honey is a known natural humectant which means it has an ability to attract moisture and hold on to it. Big plus.

Also, especially for my readers across the pond or not familiar with Asian skincare, Korea’s skincare is renowned for its anti-aging and brightening products (think supple and glowy), after all BB Cream was created in Korea. **BB stands for balm and blemish, a sort of tinted moisturizer for problem skin with spf. It is no surprise that several articles in American and British glossies have been written solely focusing on Korean brands, check out Marie Claire USA here.

So, get on the case and trust Skinfactory’s Eye Dream Honey Patch, makeup artist and consumer approved! PS. All my brides always get the “use a Korean mask, if you can’t get to a facial” speech from me for obvious reasons.

In Singapore, Skinfactory is available online at Beauty Finest as well as SASA stores island-wide.

Top Products From The Makeup Show in Chicago

Embryolisse cream – This gorgeous product sinks into your skin beautifully, bringing adequate moisture and makes an excellent pre-foundation product for the dry skin and combination skin types. I also ended up getting an oil-free matte version of it for Singapore clients with oily skin. It is a favorite product amongst the most experienced makeup artists, I had to get it and of course I tried both products on myself, good results.

Temptu Pro Neutralizer Wheel – When I attended Cory Bishop’s Color Theory class, I had an A-HA moment. Instead of just using layers of concealer to address redness/ purple/ darkness under eyes, a product like the Temptu Color Wheel corrector made sense, another must have in my kit.

OCC concealers – I am a HUGE fan of the liptars so when James Vincent suggested all makeup artists should have a try at the new OCC SKIN concealers at the blogger event on Sat, he was right! What an amazing product. Lucky for me I swatched and tried all the shades in the company of David Klasfeld, creator and owner of OCC. Formulated from the finest vegan ingredients available, these concealers also nourish and hydrate the skin with Cocoa Extract, Aloe Leaf Extract and Vitamin E. Of course, I pre-ordered a bunch of these puppies and can’t wait to use them on my clients.

Skindinavia Bridal Makeup Spray – After being a huge fan of their makeup setting sprays formulas for dry and oily skins, I picked up a bottle of this fabulous spray at the Alcone booth and am already a fan! Thank you Skindinavia for this wonderful product (and token of appreciation). Btw, Skindinavia ships worldwide. I use this over my eyeliner for zero smudge effect.

Smashbox Halo Yellow Correction Hydrating Powder – I’d been looking for a brightener/ color corrector/ skin balancer in yellow for a while now and this was a suggestion at the Smashbox pro counter at the show (Smashbox were super nice and extended their pro discount to me on the spot!). This is a product which will get used lots. I wish there was a cream version of it but for now a powder will do, little goes a long way with color correctors!

Le Petronille Skincare Challenge

Weeks 5/6 of my Petronille Skincare Challenge –  I realize I am a little behind on the updates, it’s been very hectic around this neck of the woods between vacation time with the family, seeing friends AND networking time has ran out fast.  Week 5 I spent it in Miami, FL with a little humid air and normal heat conditions for this time of the year.  With less than 50% humidity and winds, I don’t sweat as much and the Petronille day cream worked perfectly under my concealer and sometimes dash of foundation. There were days were I went almost makeup free and with similar results, there was not a sight of oily t-zone (hurray).  At night time I still managed to put some of the nightcream with the elixir and experienced some dryness (even though I doubled up on the amount I was using).  I think this is quite normal for me as I tend to dry up when in a/c rooms such as the one in our apartment in FL.

Week 6 was spent in an old familiar place for me, New York city.  The climate in New York was unseasonably cool and definitely very mild which seemed to agree with my skin.  New York is a walking city and I dove right into the routine of subways, taxis, crowded restaurants and shopping centers. While in New York I didn’t spend a ton of time outside and my skin held up well both daytime and nighttime, there was no need for ac and both the creams and elixirs did their magic.  I met up with friends and everyone had nothing but compliments particularly on my skin (double hurray!).  Petronille agreed with me in all fronts and I highly recommend it! Thank you Luxola for introducing me to this fabulous brand.

Le Pétronille Skincare Challenge

Week Four of my Petronille Challenge – A mix of dry summer, winds and late spring are in full bloom here in the San Francisco Bay Area and my skin is feeling the change. Since a week ago, I am using DOUBLE the amount of the day and night creams with the elixirs to help. Last week I had to pack on some makeup for a family event and the daycream worked very well under my foundation and did not cake up at all. One thing about my skin type, I am not prone to sensitivity unless in extreme sweat outdoors or humidity in which case I break out, itch and oil up as most people do in Singapore. The upside of this dry weather is less blemishes, in fact ZERO and being able to use more skincare to nourish my skin and makeup staying on longer under my Petronille products.
PS. Next week, I am in Miami Florida, where I will be re-visiting some old patterns of humidity, we shall see what happens then.

Le Pétronille Skincare Challenge

Week Three of my Petronille Challenge – This week is a new setting! On Monday, I travelled to San Francisco, California (USA) and the weather conditions are much different than Singapore, it is dry heat this time of the year, think Mediterranean-like temperatures. After a gruelling seventeen hour flight, I’ve been catching up on my time zone (16hrs total to be exact), sleep and keeping hydrated as much as possible. Combination skin like mine loves dry weather, I get less oily in the daytime but definitely more dry especially at night. The first two days were rough, as I was super tired and this showed in my eye area.

At any rate, I’ve been applying more of the day and night cream to compensate with the dry air, protect skin against the sun and to continue to nourish my skin while I adjust. The Elixir Anti-Age serum works exceptionally well in the daytime too!

Progress Report Petronille

Week Two of my Petronille Challenge – Loving the night cream with Elixir Antioxydant for overnight repair, skin wakes up moist, this is something new for me. In the daytime I am using small amounts of the pink bottle cream in my forehead as I am prone to dryness here and on the cheeks but have to apply sparingly to avoid getting too oily (we live in a super humid country and the last few weeks have been scorching!).

My skin tends to be combination/oily in the T-zone, but prone to dryness, irritation and the monthly female breakout, so far there haven’t been any reactions at all, in fact very little if any breakouts. **I also had a glycolic peel which cleared my skin – a miracle! The writing is on the wall, using good products and getting some form of facial helps.

Medical Facials And Why They Matter

I wanted to share my latest finding in the world of skincare, a Medical Peel Treatment I had at SkinLab the Medical Spa at Wheelock Place. The last two months have been full of work, stress and my new circuit training routine outdoors. What does this translate to? Battered skin. Yes even this makeup artist suffers from the occasional blemish and lots of open pores (especially living in humid Singapore).

When I arrived at SkinLab the Medical Spa, a good analysis and chat about my skin ensued – always a good sign of a good spa! My makeup was removed, face cleansed and my therapist walked me through the entire process step by step, she also warned me about how it might feel (she was very honest). I never had any form of peel before so this was a first. The truth is, my skin really was ripe for it, I had spots all over, hadn’t gone to a facial in about two months. Some friendly advice, NEVER plan a peel or a facial the day before a major event or if you know you’ll be wearing makeup, give yourself at least one week after your treatment. Going to get this facial was a planned event, I knew ahead of time I was going to take a break from makeup to let my skin breathe and recover.

After the skin is cleansed, a pre-peel solution micropoint facial massage with ampoules follows. Immediately after the glycolic peel is painted onto the skin, like a mask. It is left on for 1 minute and then cleansed off. While it is a mildly uncomfortable procedure, you will feel a prickling sensation, this goes by fast. My therapist used rose water and an iced compress to soothe irritation and itching. What is happening in a peel is literally sloughing off the surface dead skin cells. The facial lasted for about 90 minutes total, after the peel an anti-acne facial mask is applied followed by a head, neck and shoulder massage. Bliss, I feel asleep for at least 20 minutes, it was so soothing.

Now comes the truth as well – your face will be sensitive the first day and more than likely you will break out for a few days, that is exactly what happened to me. I was well aware of it though, it always happens when I get facials, it is part of the process. After 2-3 days I noticed some skin flaking as the treatment makes the dead cells slough off (I used loads of rose water toner and exfoliated too). The plus side? My skin feels brighter and smooth this was about five days after, and I love it.

Would I recommend it? YES. Would I do it again? MOST DEFINITELY. The benefits? From encouraging new cell regeneration and help improve skin tone, peels aid in reducing mild acne scars and fine lines and can help unclog pores, resulting in less breakouts.

Le Pétronille Skincare Challenge

I’ve started trying a new range of skincare developed and manufactured in Singapore by Pétronille Houdart. Luxola Singapore the online beauty purveyor of fabulous brands and amazing cosmetics will be carrying Pétronille Cosmetics and I couldn’t be more thrilled! My approach to beauty is consistent, I tend to stick to staples (night cream, serum and an SPF brightening moisturizer) and am always willing to try new things and share new finds. People often compliment my skin, of course it is major flattering to hear that though I must tell you, I take care of it religiously since years ago and especially since I became a mother.

Last week, I began using the day and night creams topped up with an anti-aging elixir and a brightening booster (also known as whitening). So far, so good. My skin absorbs the night time cream particularly well! I have combination skin, this is a challenge when I sleep, even without the air conditioning my skin dries up in some areas even in the humid weather conditions of Singapore. The Pétronille Regenerative night cream has worked beautifully, I wake up hydrated which is fantastic. I am still testing out the daytime cream, more on this later.

[As part of my trial I received all the Pétronille skincare products for free and will be discussing them every week on my Twitter feed and on Instagram at norahlovesmakeup]

Brave Cate

Not many high profile women would be as brave and real as Cate Blanchett is.  She is on the cover of a magazine and without the magic that is Photoshop rendering, looking BOSS.  Yes, there is some subtle makeup and a bit of hair but it is super standard. This cover is so clever as she is clad in her regular working clothes as an artistic director of the Sydney Theatre Company, no designer gown or million dollar jewels.   Cate is a mother of three children juggling homelife, movie career, AND the face of Japanese beauty brand SK-II – and guess what? She is 42!!!


Vanity Trove Rave:: Lancome Genifique Youth Activator

A Lancome Genifique Youth Activator serum came in my December box courtesy of Vanity Trove, and needless to say I loved every last drop of it. Serums are a must in my daily night time beauty routine, right after cleansing and toning, I apply it gently around the eyes and forehead areas which is where I need the most help as I’ve noticed some fine lines and tiny wrinkles [I need all the help I can get being over 30].

Why do I apply serum at night? A beauty tip – sleep is when our skin regenerates, using a serum formula offers an extra barrier of protection plus much needed concentrated moisture so make this a habit when you go to bed, and you will be giving your skin a real treat. In Singapore, we spend a considerable amount of time between air conditioning at shopping malls, work, home, leaving our skin depleted of moisture. There is an awful lot of technology and formulation that goes into making these super serums for a good purpose, please hydrate properly every night before bed. 🙂 is a brand new service that brings the best of high end beauty samples to your doorstep for $25 a month.