Skinfactory Eye Dream Honey Patches Review

A while back I received this eye mask inside my Bella Box, liked it so much, I ended up getting more. What’s wonderful about Korean brand Skinfactory Eye Dream Patch is the after effect around the eyes which include major hydration, smooth skin and less puffiness. I tend to favor these types of masks as they can be kept in the fridge quite easily and along with the cooling effect, you will notice a big difference if you leave them on for at least twenty minutes. Honey is a known natural humectant which means it has an ability to attract moisture and hold on to it. Big plus.

Also, especially for my readers across the pond or not familiar with Asian skincare, Korea’s skincare is renowned for its anti-aging and brightening products (think supple and glowy), after all BB Cream was created in Korea. **BB stands for balm and blemish, a sort of tinted moisturizer for problem skin with spf. It is no surprise that several articles in American and British glossies have been written solely focusing on Korean brands, check out Marie Claire USA here.

So, get on the case and trust Skinfactory’s Eye Dream Honey Patch, makeup artist and consumer approved! PS. All my brides always get the “use a Korean mask, if you can’t get to a facial” speech from me for obvious reasons.

In Singapore, Skinfactory is available online at Beauty Finest as well as SASA stores island-wide.


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  1. I love having a mask a few times a week. Great for my skin especially since I have oily skin. I haven’t heard of this brand but I’m definitely interested. Nice review.

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