Makeup Artistry The Career

Over the last years, I’ve been honing my skills in makeup, learning about brands, trying/ testing consumer and professional products, practicing every chance I get and watching You Tube videos, there is a lot of information out there to learn basics. If you are a good observer, advanced skills are at the disposal of us, via tutorial videos from people like Pixiwoo, Lisa Eldridge, Michelle Phan, EnKore, etc. A lot of makeup artists do not go to school, they are artists in other mediums, some have no schooling at all, they are born with this beautiful gift and learn on their own.

There is also something I wanted to discuss with my readers – art school, graphic design, painting and photography. In today’s competitive world of makeup artistry there are a lot of professionals like myself who come with a background of arts; whether it is university, continuing education, high school or even short courses, every bit helps. In university, I took A LOT of art electives because initially my major was going to be graphic design (I ended up having a change of heart but in reality I continued studying “art” in the form of appreciation and two years of studies in Spain and Germany plus the photography courses and oil painting, I never stopped. The truth is, there is no right or wrong way to learn makeup, if you have the inclination it comes organically. In my case, some may say I bloomed late and that is OK too.

Here is something I noticed after going through the haute couture shows, Peter Philips creative director/ makeup artist at Chanel is a trained graphic designer. Dany Sanz creator of Makeup Forever was a sculptor/ painter and then became a makeup artist. Scott Barnes (the man who created the J.Lo signature makeup look), studied Fine Arts/ Painting at Parsons School. There is a long list of professionals who first started with an art medium and then went on to makeup [I include myself in this bracket]. And then there is artists like Pat Mcgrath, Kevyn Aucoin, and Charlotte Tilbury. What do they have in common? No formal training as such, they learned by practicing and assisting like one does when you first start in this business.

Keep learning. The last two months especially, I was constantly inspired by every stop I had across the USA, last year I had a similar experience in London UK. If there are any buddying makeup artists out there reading this, I hope you this blurb motivates you to learn and persevere.

Photo source CHANEL HAUTE COUTURE Fall 2012, Vogue FR


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