MGM Las Vegas Grand Spa and Health Club

I’ve been on a USA tour and of course, a spa was on my to-do list.  Lucky for me, the spa visit came at the end of the journey in the city of Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Spa and Health Club.   This was a special treat not only for myself but for my sister, for months we had anticipated some time for girlie pampering. 

For those not familiar with the MGM hotel in Las Vegas, it is HUGE, crowded, busy and goes on for miles with shops and restaurants.  As we made our way through the masses, I was not sure what to expect, the pictures on the website do not reflect the level of quiet and comfort – a major surprise to us.  This is a full service spa, complete with sauna, steam room, jacuzzi, full showers with towels, hair dryers, straighteners, clean hair brushes, refreshments, granola bars, locker room, slippers, plus a waiting room with sofas to fully relax after your treatment.

I opted for the Classic European facial which is 50 minutes it includes cleansing, exfoliation, mask, steam, extraction, moisturizers, and massage. After the consultation, my therapist suggested I try the diamond peel as an add-on, truth is my face had a few very noticeable deep pimples.

After the steam and cleansing de rigueur, my hands and feet were treated to a massage, followed by moisture under a warm wrap (bliss). Following the first part of the facial, I was told there would be a ton of extractions. A clay mask using an enzyme product was applied to help clear my skin and peel off the layer that needed to be “buffed”. Being a regular facial person I was well aware it needed to be done in order to help my skin shed unwanted dead cells/ pimples and blackheads. Phew. Yes, it may sound like a lot but this was done quite swiftly plus a shoulder massage would come at the very end. The diamond peel was not harsh at all, although I did feel the buffing effect happening.

The experience was so relaxing and chilled I nearly forgot I was in Vegas. The staff, bed side manners and service were stellar. After my facial, I chilled outside in the lounge, had cold green tea and a lovely 1-1 with my sister. My face today is peeling, no surprises as this sort of reminds me of the glycolic medical facial I had in Singapore, but at least I know in a few days my face will be as smooth as silk and radiant. If you are ever in Las Vegas, I totally recommend this spa! The products that were used on my face were all by Skinceuticals.


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