Inglot Malaysia

Thank goodness for the Internet and Facebook! I recently discovered that Polish makeup brand Inglot cosmetics opened a new shop across the border at City Square Mall in Johor Bahru (Malaysia) – about one hour by bus from my house and as soon as I had a few hours to spare I dashed across. It was a super fun day! I went with one of my beauty friends who has the same days off as me (Monday) and we had an amazing lunch at an organic restaurant before heading back to Singapore.

First though, we stopped by Inglot. My purchases were a black matte gel eyeliner (which I LOVE) for RM 25 ($10 SG dollars), two matte eyeshadows in black #391 and in a nude pink #341 (great for brides, cost 30 RM about $15 SGD) and a blusher in peach-y pinkish shade #29 for RM 38 ($15 something SG). What I liked is that they don’t come in packaging or palettes, but rather in individual packed trays so you can create your own palette. (I am building my own Z Palette‘s, they are awesome).


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