April Surprises

April is nearly over, so much happened I don’t even know where to start. Rewind to a year ago, when I was in London taking courses and recharging my creative battery. This year in April 2012, I am attending beauty events, doing creative tests, working on bridal jobs almost every weekend and attending to my editorial clients. Today I had a photoshoot with a regular client who requested a close up of very full lips for a cover – how over the moon is that? I mixed the best purple color I’ve ever done using the MUFE Flash palette and a bit of gloss. The face was prepped with moisturiser, lip balm and MUFE HD foundation. I can truly say I painted the best lip I’ve ever done! From time to time I’d go back to check the lines and make sure it looked perfect.

On Tuesday I was invited to the Makeup Forever Singapore blogger event – there will be amazing products in the pipeline for June (I will announce them then). Of course, I was delighted to go although Makeup Forever is not a new thing for me, it is a staple to my kit and where my training started professionally. It was lovely to see my makeup trainer Liza Haron speak to the audience and to personally understand from experience on set, how Makeup Forever foundations, blushers, primers and their latest HD products DO work.


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