Little Me

A few years ago I mulled over the idea of taking up makeup artistry full time. Lots of pondering took place, thinking and more imagining what it’d be like, highly unusual for someone who often decides on impulse [Call it with heart]. Enrolled myself in a class at Makeup Forever Singapore then in London at MUSE; I decided not to tell anyone other than my husband (he, of course, was 100% a fan of this idea). A year before this, I had injured my right wrist badly, dealt with two surgeries, months of physical therapy, a broken ego and pain. Little me though, I am persistent one, just ask my family. And like most humans I may flounder but definitely never give up. Believe me when I tell the story of moving to New York city on my own, with no fixed job, savings, AND a bag full of shoes. As many say, the rest is history. I feel that the story of my makeup career is still in the making [and that is what keeps me motivated]. Nothing makes me happier than putting makeup on someone and the face of a satisfied client.

Today I received the great news that I’ve been nominated for Cozycot’s Tribute to 100 Inspiring Women in Singapore, in commemoration of International Women’s Day. I am so honoured/ stoked/ happy/ ecstatic, how can’t I not be? Thank you Cozycot!


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