Rachel K BB Cream Review

One day while browsing at Watsons I noticed Rachel K BB cream from Korea [suspense!]. However, there were no tester products available! Since I love trying out new BB creams especially those with labels like natural or neutral color shades, I became even more intrigued. Turns out that Rachel K has a fab PR team and as soon as I reached out, a tube arrived in the mail for me to try.

First things first, Rachel K BB cream has a lovely scent, it has to be said! In terms of color, for myself, the shade was a tad too light for my face (I am more yellow undertoned and this had a lot of pink base which is does not work for me), I still like to use it as a concealer under my eyes though and on the eyelids. Why? It works very well as a brightener and since it is waterproof it stays on nicely. I like the texture, it is medium coverage I’d say, Rachel K blends quite well (not cakey at all). Another plus is that it contains SPF 35 so an added bonus to the protection of your skin. Maybe I should get sunkissed?!! Rachel K is available in Singapore at Watsons.

From their FB page:

Mineral CC (Colour Control) Cream is much-improved and refined BB cream (Blemish Balm) created and developed in Japan and Korea. It is formulated with pure minerals, making it suitable for all skin types including highly sensitive ones as the mineral ingredients do not irritate or damage the skin. It comes in shades: natural, neutral and sun-kissed.


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  1. Hi there!

    I live in the US and I was just wondering where can you purchase this? Also how much is it? If you could please let me know I would really be grateful. Thank you!


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