Madonna Half Time Superbowl Performance

Electrifying. Triumphant. Perfection. Legend. Professional. Fresh. (Some of the comments from my Twitter feed).

Did you catch the Halftime Superbowl performance? OMG are my words to summarize, Madonna is 50 something, this lady does not miss a beat, she moves and dances like noone. I saw the video 10+ hours later as I was working while it was being aired. Twitter was going nuts. When I see an artist so dedicated to their craft, it is a source of inspiration to keep my hustle. I thought the stage was too cool and can only imagine the preparation, costumes, hair, makeup, behind the scenes, etc.

Madonna was dressed in a pair of over-the-knee boots, a black dress by Givenchy with a golden Roman-inspired skirt over the top, and a short cape. According to reports, it the cape was custom made for her [obv].

She wore a She-Ra like golden headpiece custom made by milliner to the stars Philip Treacy.

Photos/ Dress info from the Daily Mail UK


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