Vanity Trove Rave:: Lancome Genifique Youth Activator

A Lancome Genifique Youth Activator serum came in my December box courtesy of Vanity Trove, and needless to say I loved every last drop of it. Serums are a must in my daily night time beauty routine, right after cleansing and toning, I apply it gently around the eyes and forehead areas which is where I need the most help as I’ve noticed some fine lines and tiny wrinkles [I need all the help I can get being over 30].

Why do I apply serum at night? A beauty tip – sleep is when our skin regenerates, using a serum formula offers an extra barrier of protection plus much needed concentrated moisture so make this a habit when you go to bed, and you will be giving your skin a real treat. In Singapore, we spend a considerable amount of time between air conditioning at shopping malls, work, home, leaving our skin depleted of moisture. There is an awful lot of technology and formulation that goes into making these super serums for a good purpose, please hydrate properly every night before bed. 🙂 is a brand new service that brings the best of high end beauty samples to your doorstep for $25 a month.


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