Mandara Spa Phuket, Thailand

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As promised here is a review of my visit to Mandara Spa in Phuket. This slice of tranquility is located at the Phuket JW Marriott hotel surrounded by lush nature and exotic flowers. It is a full service spa offering facials, body and face treatments, massages, the works. The skincare brand of choice is Elemis and of course, as soon as I read that I was sold.

I enjoy a good session of steam like birds love freedom. While on this subject the main difference between steam and a sauna is the heat is moist in a steam while sauna is dry heat in a wood paneled room. One of the reasons why I love steam is that it does so much for the outer skin by way of opening the pores, releasing dirt, toxins and chemicals clogged inside not to forget, not to forget it feels so relaxing!

At Mandara I chose a Thai herbal steam which gives you half an hour in a totally private area with a shower outside, you go as you please. What Thai herbs are we talking about? The steam offered a scent mix of Plai (Thai ginger), Kafir Lime, Acacia leaves, Menthol, Camphor, and Myrtle Grass. I stayed as long as I could, trying to soak in and keep moving about while loving the mixture of herbal scents.

As soon as the steam finished, next on the agenda was a Honey Milk bath soak in a huge outdoor stone tub (see photo), again in your own privacy surrounded by nature and QUIET. The water was hot and the bath was super relaxing – my skin felt really silky afterwards. I definitely liked the steam better and maybe on a next visit would try a body wrap which is also a detoxifying body treatment.

Would I go back again to Mandara? Absolutely. Staff, attention to detail, service, products and the opportunity to completely tune out? Yes please.

Hope you enjoy the images!


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