Eye Makeup For NYE

I found this image and instantly thought, NYE makeup! It is also very much inspired by the latest Chanel runway look.

For this kind of eyes, you need a good base either a cream eyeshadow like Illamasqua Hollow or MUFE Aqua Cream in Taupe – both these colours will easily blend with a powder eyeshadow in a darker tone of your choice (black, dark metallic gray, dark brown for example).

To set your base, apply all over the eyelid and about halfway into your crease, making sure you get the inner corner of the eyes. Get close to the mirror and always try using good lighting, if possible. As a reference, use the photo provided to get an idea, always helps!

Apply your darker colour over your base preferrably with a brush or dabbing it gently with a makeup sponge if you don’t have a brush. Start blending paying attention to the outer corners, you can also use your fingers and brush to achieve a smudged look. Next, using the tip of a makeup sponge just used trace your bottom lash line, trying to go for a smudged Kohl-pencil finish. Once you are done, it is time to clean up with a cotton bud and a pinch of concealer, go over any fall out around the eyes. Alternatively, the DuWop Reverse eyeliner will help you prevent any creasing later in the evening.

**DuWop Reverse eyeliner is sold at Luxola in Singapore!


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