Winged Eyeliner

Found this cool image on Tumblr, if you are feeling this look I definitely recommend having three items in your arsenal. Most important is a mirror preferribly an oval double-sided mirror like this one.

Next is using a gel liner and/ or a liquid liner like MAC Fluidline or Maybelline Eyestudio and for liquid I like Eyeko or Maybelline. Using gentle strokes AND a pointed brush (MAC, Sigma and ELF make good ones), start in the middle of the eyelid, closest to the lash line. Have some q-tips/ cotton buds on hand and a bit of foundation or concealer to correct mistakes. I usually leave the eyeliner last, meaning I’d have applied my eyeshadow or eye primer beforehand. Last but not least, use surgical tape on your eyes, angle it from the corner of your nose to corner of the eye. Watch this great video by Aussie makeup artist Rae Morris, she explains brilliantly here.

Another item which I happen to love is the DuWop reverse eyeliner pen. Once you are done lining and after letting the product dry on your eyes, gently trace the lines you’ve just done making sure you don’t touch the liner and with your hands, blend it together for a flawless, smudge-proof finish.


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  1. Hmm I am not really into using liquid eyeliner but it definitly looks great. Though, I prefer having someone doing it for me, I don’t want to cause a disaster on my face.

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