Discovering My Monthly Bella Box

Back in October over breakfast and monthly minutes, I was introduced to Bella Box at the Athena networking event at the Axis Lounge. Immediately I was enticed by the idea of trying new beauty products in the form of samples AND for a reasonable monthly cost. If you like the items in your box, Bella Box offers you an opportunity to buy through their website.  There is such a vast array of new brands popular in Asia, I thought why not?  Being familiar with Carmine and Glossybox in the UK, I was instantly drawn to the concept.

On my first box, I got to try mythical brand OCC lip tar, known for its highly pigmented and strong last colours, it is paraben free and 100% vegan. What’s not to love? Although the shade I received is not something I’d wear for myself, I will definitely use it on my clients, it is such a good product.

My biggest surprise however, was the Skin Factory Eye Cream Honey Patch, a favourite so far. It is a patch that combined with some excellent formulation will help reduce puffiness, fine lines and wrinkles (tip, try cooling in the fridge overnight). Morning puffiness most definitely was given a good kick to the curb once I had it on for about 20 min. The area under my eyes felt hydrated and smooth afterwards, excellent sample Bella Box!

Other products in my box were the Korres Guava Body Butter, being a fan of Korres myself I am very happy to report this cream is super lush and fantastic as well as the Duchess Marden Damascena Anti Wrinkle Serum, a sure favourite. The Marden serum cleans the pores, reduces rosacea and the appearance of broken capillaries. The other samples were Davines Melu Mellow Anti-Breakage shampoo and conditioner.

The verdict? If you are a beauty fan, you should give it a try! Not only is Bella Box a neat concept run by lovely people but it is bringing it all to your doorstep.  Every month, your box will offer new products to sample.  And did I mention the lovely packaging with a note telling you about the contents?


4 responses

  1. Thanks for the heads up on this! I’ve been trying to find if there’s anything like it in Singapore, as I’ve seen this in the states and it’s a relatively new idea to me. I think that for beauty bloggers like us, this is something we all need! 🙂


  2. Thanks for the heads up on this! I’ve been trying to find if there’s anything like it in Singapore, especially after having seen it in the states. I think this is great for beauty bloggers like us!


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