Palette of the Moment :: Make Up Forever Smoky Palette

I am a fan of  the Make Up Forever brand because from personal experience I know that their quality of pigment is top of the line and worth the price. When there was news about a smoky eye palette being released, I was ecstatic and asked my sister if it was already being sold in the USA. Turns out, it wasn’t so I waited patiently for the Singapore pro-store to stock it.

The MUFE smoky comes in 8 colours, very much following a fall theme (browns, green, navy blue, metallic copper, yellow beige, white, deep plum, and black).  The set also comes with two small brushes, wide enough to help in blending out colours (although I still prefer using a wider bristle brush to create the smoky eye effect).  I’ve also been using the black to fill in my brows for a more dramatic look or as eyeliner even.  If you use a setting spray like Skindinavia Finishing spray or Make Up Forever Mist and Fix with a tiny amount on a q-tip/ cotton bud over your lines, there will be little smudging. Trust me.

Even if you are not a professional, I still think this is a good purchase because it has enough range of colors for the average makeup consumer.  It is just as good as the Urban Decay Naked Palette, if not better because unlike the Naked palette, MUFE’s offers matte colors which work fantastically for daytime and mature skin types.


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