Magic Dermacolor Mini Palette

This is a line of concealers developed by a German company Kryolan and it is industrial strength concealing.  While doing a course at MUSE, I was advised to get one while in the UK.  The Dermacolor palette comes in 16-18 shades and I ended up buying the biggest and most broad one I could find.  And I have to say, on my occasions Dermacolor worked some magic with clients needing to appear flawless particularly on HD video. What was wonderful as well, is the professional discount at Screenface Covent Garden and the sales guy who had a field day with me whilst I was going insane with all the makeup they had there.

The concealers are a solid paste so it is best to mix it in a clean surface using a concealer brush, letting it warm to the skin and stipling where you need it to cover preferrably with a sponge.  I learned this technique thanks to the 1-1 tutoring with Nicci Jackson, and what a result. Recently on set, I had lots of a-ha moments where I wish I could tell her telepathically, YOU WERE RIGHT ON THE MONEY! So Nicci if you are reading this, thank you!


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