Eyeko Eye Makeup

Flipping through the pages of one of my favourite British magazines called LOOK, I saw a review for up and coming brand Eyeko.  I also happened to notice their Twitter account so I dropped them a message.  A few weeks later, a sweet surprise!  I get a parcel with products to try!  So kind of them.

Eyeko Line and Shine in Teal and Electric blue – two shades in one pencil, serves as an eyeliner and blends nicely with eyeshadow or just on its own!

And my favourite Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen, dries super fast, has zero drip factor/ smudge and can go as thick or thin as you wish it to be.  It is very long lasting considering the humidity levels of Singapore (tried and tested on myself using a good layer).  I own quite a few liquid eyeliner brands and have to say, this product is top quality.

Eyeko seems to be developing new items, can’t wait to try the new mascara range which offering different wands and the Fat Eye Stick in deepest black colour.  Eyeko is available at Harvey Nichols (a major retailer in the UK) and Fenwick on Bond Street London.


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