Product Raves and Loves November Edition

Hello my skincare and makeup lovers! Here is my Nov product raves.  Weeks ago, I had a situation of redness all over the cheeks and some breakouts which are never comfortable or pretty to look at.  After a visit to Luxola‘s office, I splashed on  a product by Mario Badescu called Drying Lotion, thank you for the recommendation ladies!  What this miracle solution does in just a few hours after applying, is to literally dry out pimples! Here, I am talking about the kind that look huge and take forever to go away [a sight for sore eyes].  Worth every cent.

Next problem, redness and flushing.  This is a rare case for me although it does happen occasionally, I honestly have no idea why.  After testing it at a drugstore counter, I started using Eau Thermale Avene Diroseal, combined with a good concealer like Vichy Normaderm kiss your redness away.  Eau Thermale formulated Diroseal for sensitive skin so if you suffer from eczema and rosacea, it should work without any irritation.

La Roche Posay needs no introduction, it is an amazing brand which has started making its way to the US and worldwide, their sunscreens are phenomenal.  Originally from France, I came across it while living in the UK.  Sometimes after we break out and use a drying product for blemishes, our skin tends to flake and look a bit sad (uneven, dry, sensitive).  La Roche Posay Cicaplast will help alleviate some of these reactions as well as assist in recovery of post-cosmetic peels.  Also if you live in cold climates and your skin feels sensitive/ flakey, Cicaplast should work nicely.

Hope you find all of these helpful.  Next on my agenda is the MAKEUP raves, stay tuned.


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