When Products You Love Are Discontinued

There is nothing more *heartbreaking* than a favorite product disappearing off the shelves for good. This week I had the [agony] of my favorite dry oil from the Body Shop hitting that status. I even went through the trouble of calling Body Shop’s local press office. (Sad face).  The Body Shop Olive Dry Oil Mist had the perfect balance of moisture, a hint of scent and a general gentle effect on my skin which suffers from eczema since a few months ago.  This amazing oil literally glided on like butter after a shower without leaving me sticky or oily.

For now I am consoling myself with Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse d’Or.  If you like shimmer, moisture and a fabulous smell, this is for you.  It is not a cheap product but it definitely delivers a nice dry oil meets moisturizer sensation.  Sold in Sephora Singapore (and worldwide).



One response

  1. I looked all over for it when I was in New York during the spring. They didn’t have it. I thought perhaps back here in the Philippines it is still available. Sadly, it isn’t available here too. I feel really, really bad they discontinued it. I have been using it for quite a long time already. I feel a huge loss 😦

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