How To Deal With Spots Using Tea Tree Oil

There are many over the counter treatments for the occasional spot. In an earlier post I raved about Proactiv, which still is a good solution for me when the spots are persistent and mean.  I also favor natural treatments like tea tree oil), it has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, a must-have on your cabinet. Tea tree can be used for insect bites, wounds, hair scalp irritation (Paul Mitchell’s shampoo), healing in general.  On long flights, my husband dabs a tiny drop on his ear lobes and under the nose to stop airways from blocking, he swears by it.

For blemishes it best to apply lightly – dilute your tea tree oil with a bit of water first as it’s highly concentrated and could irritate your skin a bit. Alternatively, rosewater is an excellent anti-inflammatory aid -the aroma of rose has been used for centuries to lift spirits, ease stress and tension.  After a threading or waxing treatment, rosewater can be used to apply over the areas where hair was removed.  Most pharmacies and online stores carry these amazing natural wonders.

**If you are in Singapore, Watsons carries  a wide range of Tea Tree Oil products from an Aussie brand called Thursday Plantation, antiseptic sprays/ creams, tea tree/ aloe vera cotton tips, pure oil and a diluted version.  Tea tree is renowned in Australia and widely used in Aboriginal medicine.


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