Natural Ingredients for Problem Skin

Since I’ve been back to humidity and heat, my skin has developed a form of Dermatitis/ Eczema in the form of rashes. Basically I perspire lots – working with heating electricals like hairdryers and curling irons, straighteners seems to make me sweat even more and in humid air, you can imagine the rest.  This is the very glam part of my job most people don’t see.

It was suggested by my GP that I use products which do not contain aluminium, soap and are as fragance free as possible (Sad face, I do love my fragances).  I’ve also switched to baby washing detergent and mostly cotton/ linen clothing.  In dry weather, I don’t seem to have this problem (California and UK weather, I miss you!).  Some of the relief has come in the form of products like Tom’s of Maine Lavender Deodorant and Avalon Organics Lavander Body Spray.  (I use a lot of Lavander for relaxation/ sleep as well as the amazing smell of essential oils). Lavender is calming and has cleansing and antiseptic properties.

And the worst part there is no Aveeno in Singapore and the choices for creams are limited and costly. Luckily my face seems to be holding out fine, thanks to Dermalogica, Korres and most of the moisturizers you hear me rave about.  I hope you find some of this info useful, I knew very little about skin irritation until now.


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