Budget-friendly Makeup Brushes

Here are some of my personal favorite makeup brushes.  You don’t need to spend a fortune! It is good practice to clean your brushes regularly to extend their life span germ-free.

  1. Sigma (USA and ships worldwide) – I use E35 (tapered eye blending) to create a nice blended eye socket and F40 to define cheeks and nose (face/ cheek contour),
  2. 7Bella/ Makeup Show (Singapore) – I like Black Series F02 for brushing out excess (fan brush) and Makeup Show makeup brush roll pro is perfect to keep all your brushes. Note: they also ship.
  3. No7 (UK) – I love their blusher brush, it is my personal item and their brow/ eyelash brush, both easy to carry and good value for money. Can be found on Ebay also.
  4. Bare Escentuals (USA) – Probably one of my first ever purchases, have had this brush for a long time – it still works amazingly – the wet/ dry shadow brush, excellent for cream and powder. I bought my brush at Sephora.

Sigma is very much similar to MAC, my experience has been positive so far.  Brushes are a very personal thing, you need to feel and test them preferrably at a makeup counter. 


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