Loving Illamasqua

While at MUSE London in April, Illamasqua was introduced to me during Catwalk Trends bootcamp weekend.  After trying it out on different faces and various textures,  I became a massive fan of their Hollow cream pigment, the Medium pencil in brown, Light liquid foundation, blushers and pretty much the brand ethos “make-up for your alter ego“.  I used Hollow to contour and as an eye base, worked beautifully. The pencils can also be used as eyeshadow, the pigment is quite good and offers a nice layering effect.

The flagship shop at Beak Street gets another rave from me for outstanding customer service, one of the best experiences I’ve ever had both as an artist and a consumer, spent quite a bit of time asking questions and getting feedback, not just a sales pitch, it felt genuine. Inside the Illamasqua space, the decor and feel is very sexy, visually fabulous.  My artist discount was honored without hassle; I talked about my courses, being an expat in Singapore, etc.  And just like the experience at MUSE, I left Illamasqua elated and eager to practice and try out my new purchases.

Illamasqua is available in UK, Australia, Dubai, and in the USA at Sephora. You get a loyalty discount after your 3rd purchase!

For a closer look at one of Illasmaqua’s creators Julian Kynaston, click here


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