Decanting Lipsticks

While I was away in the UK it became increasingly difficult to keep piling my Zuca makeup case with new purchases (I was travelling with one suitcase). Sometimes I’d get asked “Is that a DJ bag?” (Smiles, but no). “How can you possibly have that much makeup?” (Not a good question to ask me). In an effort to minimize space and be organized, I began my quest to decant as much as possible using Muji pill cases. At £1.50 per box, how couldn’t I? It is a very easy process, basically I used a knife, tissue, some stickers to identify the color/ brand (in case people ask), cut them in two pieces carefully and voila! I find palettes very easy to identify when you’re doing lips for a client without much time to waste. This photo has mostly all of my MAC lipsticks.  BTW even if you’re not a makeup artist, you can also decant your lipsticks and keep track of what you have, the old/ new and more importantly what you tend to use most.


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  1. Hi Eva -lifespan of your lipsticks 1-2 years, best way to know, your sense of smell! If they have a stench or simply something in its texture isn’t right, it is time to throw them out.

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