A London Muse

Weeks ago, I was feeling very excited about coming to UK, no real expectations other than looking forward to my fabulous makeup/ hair courses at MUSE and London School of Makeup and hanging with my longtime and dear friend Fiona.

The fashion boot camp at MUSE surpassed everything I had hoped for. Our tutors Deanna and Nicci Jackson were inspiring and pushed us students to think outside of the box! My previous training as  an oil painter came in handy, was able to see myself once again as one, exploring new territory, testing out Illamasqua products, brush technique, contouring, ways of improving strokes and tools like airbrush which I have no access to in Singapore. It didn’t matter that it was a weekend or that I was still reeling with an ankle injury/ pain. Two days before getting on a plane, I was getting x-rays, visiting a Dr, acupuncture and lots of pain but in this case, it was passion over matter. If you know the depths of a Scorpio, you know what this really means.

On Monday, I went to Illamasqua at the end of legendary Carnaby Street to buy some supplies and experience the store as it was described as a sex shop meets a makeup counter [FIERCE]. The place was so well designed, staff were friendly, eager to help/ explain products and most of all, they honored a makeup artist discount.  This brand needs to come to Singapore! Going to sign off, it is one of those rare 20+ degree days in London – stay tuned for updates on my test shoot near London Bridge and Hedonia look book I did makeup/ hair for.

Makeup by Anoushka Perry


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