Tools of the Trade

I am trying to break this posting once a week thing! March has been very busy for me.  Between shoots, tests, brides and clients I’ve been between cleaning brushes, getting more tools and preparing for April in London.  On my Monday fun-day off, I dashed to Malaysia for a bit of relax (shopping and food – what else?), will write a proper few words, it was great especially because I was in the company of friends (my facialist Chris from Secrets de Beauty).

PHEW! You feel me?

So without any more delays here are some of my favorite items of late

  • Smashbox Lip Service Palette – 18 shades of goodness, delivers s nice array of colors and it is so easy to carry. Win.
  • MUFE HD foundation for brides and photoshoots — it’s been getting used lots.
  • LORAC Paraben Free stick concealer – a personal must-have. I don’t do mornings without this concealer and highlighter magic wand.
  • Sugarpill 4-color palette – matte and very pigmented eyeshadows, they make the most versatile of combinations and look good on camera, they are from Oakland CA (Holla!).

Photo by Mark Lui for Amado Gudek Jewelry, makeup by Norah.


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