Chi Silk Infusion + Morocccan Oil Will Save Your Hair!


Suffering from dry hair? I highly recommend using  CHI Silk Infusion™ – Reconstructing Complex and Moroccan Oil reguarly, these mini miracle potions cure dry hair leaving it soft and vibrant. Mine has a bit of a history, primarily with Japanese straightening (or rebonding as it is known here in Singapore), years of covering grays, highlights, styling and keeping it long. I am the first to admit, my tresses have been through a lot to remain straight and long. In addition to not washing it daily, using dry shampoo in between and shampooing/ conditioning it with a Japanese brand Mucota Aire – a formula especially made for straightened hair; there is nothing I won’t do to maintain as much as possible.

Thankfully I have an amazing hairstylist – Andrea Claire and previously my dear Detroit-born friend Pam (miss you). When I am the USA, I usually go to see Vicente in Miami (known him for a long time now, he styles Latino showbiz people and his color is impeccable). When in doubt, just ask my husband – he will tell you I rather eat glass than have “bad hair”.


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