In the name of LOVE

dream“The strongest love is love that can demonstrate its fragility” – Paulo Coehlo

While I am trying to come to grips with the fact that I won’t be in the USA or the Americas this spring/ summer, this awesome 1980’s image popped.  Lately, I’ve been biting my tongue when I hear people express their negative opinions about Americans right in my presence.  I simply tune out silently and refuse to rise to this bait – that doesn’t mean I don’t get upset by it. Feeling homesick, thinking of all the wonderful familia and friends I have, my relationship with them individually, the laughter and joy we share, so many instances where I feel vulnerable but loved.

Last night I finally watched the 83rd Oscars ceremony, when I saw the finale, I got so emotional – all the children from Staten Island PS 22 singing Somewhere Over the Rainbow. Many of my dreams came true living in the USA; and what’s more poignant, quite a few of the Oscar winners are foreigners just like myself and most of my family/ friends.  We all have stories to tell.

It’s all good though! My spirit is still intact. Some news: I got a new Zuca pro-case, have mastercourses coming up at Muse London, London School of Makeup, a lash extensions course and Illamasqua.  It’ll be nice to be away in April.


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