Proactiv Advanced Blemish Treatment

Searching for a fast solution against the occasional breakout? Use Proactiv. I gave it a try and noticed the results about twelve hours later, impressive, blemish dried up, gone.  Just as a reference, I use a non-oily, soap free cleanser from Dermalogica, followed by Dermalogica toner and moisturizer with spf for daytime. At night I always wash my face with the same Dermalogica products and use a face scrub from Suki and Korres, 3x a week – all seem gentle for my skin type. On a monthly basis, I get facials.

I’d tried the Body Shop Tea  Tree, Clean and Clear,  Neutrogena you name it. As a teen, I had very oily skin and had an invasive and physician monitored acne treatment that changed my life forever – thanks to my angel Doctor. Gone were the nasty bumps, insecurities and ugly breakouts, there was no Proactiv back then and all the drugstore choices were limited. Skincare has come such a long way!


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