A Golden Faux Pas

There are times when someone needs to be told make it stop.  In the case of Heidi Klum at the Golden Globes this year, her stylist, Seal or maybe her gay best friend should have told her she was wearing too much makeup and the dress was not complimentary –> MAKE IT STOP. You see, Heidi Klum has a phenomenal figure and in this Marc Jacobs sarong cut-off, the proportions did not flatter her at all. In a similar fashion, her hair and the makeup were helping.  I’d have gone with a much softer eye and lips, the dress had a lot going on.  Her hair – I’d have gone with a sleek straight look or put it in a clean tight chignon, just speaking on my personal preference.

I give Heidi props for trying but when you take into consideration the runway look is probably a teen girl in a sample dress size (size 0), you get my drift? Accentuate, hide where needed and work with your proportions and work with less prints, they can be your best friend or frenemy.

Credit: Style.com & Getty


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