In my beach bag

I love beach holidays. It is time to read books or magazines, unwind, and hopefully get some sunrays. Yet I am very conflicted with sun exposure, these days I avoid it. So, how do I deal with this debacle?

First, Clarins Spf 40 lotion is used in my face and hands, it applies very light and doesn’t clog my pores. Another essential is oversized SUNGLASSES with 100% UVB protection, this is coupled with a white hat  to reflect sunrays. When at the beach or pool, I am makeup free but double up on lip balm, like Kiehls and good old Carmex for protection. Next is the “hair” issue, generally speaking I avoid chlorine because I use colour plus straightening and this leaves my hair very dry and even more dry after being in the sun/ poolside.  For hair protection, I use either Redken UV protection oil or Phyto’s Sun Protection spray.  If I do end up in chlorined water which is rare, I’ll double up on conditioner and rinse with Kiehl’s All Sport solution. Last but not least, I use Paraben Free SPF 30 cream. I am specially careful of the decollagete/ neck area. Some of my all time favorites are European brands Lancaster , Garnier and Nivea – all trusted creams I’ve been using for years.


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