A night out and the aftermath

Late nights and drinking cause skin havoc.  How we face the aftermath is key! I try to drink at least a glass of water for every couple of alcoholic drinks, staying away from dark liquour and sticking to less fruity drinks (less sugar, hello). Alcohol dehydrates because it is a diuretic and causes our face/body to look and feel tired. Washing your makeup off and moisturizing, is a requirement no matter what. Before bed I wash my face with a gentle soap free cleanser, use makeup remover for the eyes. When I get up, I apply Dermalogica Age Smart Antioxidant Hydramist all over. This helps perking up and giving your face some much needed anti-oxidants.

Luckily living in Singapore there is fresh coconut water all over the place so the morning after I guzzle as much as I can handle. Coconut water works quite nicely with hangovers, it has no artificial additives and contains significant amounts of electrolytes. Avoid greasy food and most of all, give your body a good flushing, a steam or sauna session clears out toxins. And of course, I go outside makeup free, SPF 30+ on and wearing some large eyeglasses.


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